This tutorial applies to calendars created prior to July 14, 2014.

All about Calendars

All SMC calendars look the same. 
They do not allow for any customization. They do no allow for images.

Events are the only items that populate a calendar.
You can not manually place in any text into the calendar. For instance what if you wanted to call out that July 4th is "Independence Day". You can not just type this into your calendar. If you wanted this on your calendar you would have to create an event titled "Independence Day". 


Create a Calendar

A calendar is automatically created once you create an event in your area.

Step 1

Create an event, make sure to assign it to your Group Audience.

Step 2

To find your calendar you will have to turn on events in a right sidebar on one of your pages. If you already have an event feed turned on then skip to the last step.

  • To turn on an events feed in your right sidebar go to the page you want to place it on. Click on edit. 
  • Go to the "Layout Tab". 
  • Go to the "Right Sidebar Content" link (and click on it if it isn't already opened). 
  • Select the checkbox for either "Upcoming Events Without Image" or "Upcoming Events With Image". (You can turn this off again by unchecking this box)
  • Click the 'Save" button at the top of the page and your event should now appear.
  • View the event sidebar and at the bottom of the event feed you'll see a "view calendar" link. This link will lead you to your calendar.
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