This tutorial applies to events created prior to July 14, 2014.

All about events

Example Events:
Here are some examples of what events look like:

Events can be displayed in several ways:


Create an Event

Step 1 

a. Click on the "Content Dashboard" link at the top left of the page.

b. Click on the "Add a New Event" button.


Step 2 - Fill out your event

a. Basics Tab
On the Basics tab, you must fill out everything that has a red asterisk next to it (Event Name, Date, Location, Description). We strongly encourage you to include an end time to your event. 

Be sure to also select your Group Audience so it will be displayed within your site.
If you need to select multiple audiences hold down the Control key while selecting.

Want to include your event on the SMC Calendar? Make sure to select the "News and Events" Group Audience under Group Audience. 
If you do not see "News and Events" as an option in your Group Audience list, please submit a Web Help Request to get access.

The Office of College Communications uses the SMC Calendar to populate the SMC Bulletin events each week.


Forgot how to add an image to the body area of the editor and want to add an image to you Event Description? See the general instructions for adding an image to the body area.


Events How To

b. Images and Media Tab
At the top of the page across from the Basics tab is the Images and Media tab.

Upload a thumbnail image if you will be displaying your events in the right sidebar.
Image Requirements - Image must be at least 250px x 150px. If you load an image larger than this, it will be resized automatically to these dimensions.

Paste in a video here
Add a new file - such as a pdf.

c. Layout Tab
If you want items to appear in the right sidebar of your event listing, turn them on or enter them here. In addition to the checkbox items you can include (e.g., Recent News Highlight), you can enter URLs along with titles for any sites or pages on the SMC site that are relevant to your event in the Related Links entry area. And there is a flexible sidebar option where you may include additional text and links, which we recommend you use sparingly since the other fields in the Create Event screen include common event details.


Step 3 - Save to Publish

When you are done, click the "Save" button at the top of the page to publish. Your event is now live.



How do I display this event in my right sidebar?
Go to the page you want to place it on. Click on Edit. Go to the Layout tab. Go to the "Right Sidebar Content" link (and click on it if it isn't already opened). Select the checkbox for either "Upcoming Events Without Image" or "Upcoming Events With Image." Click the "Save" button at the top of the page and your event should now appear.

How can I display this on my calendar?
Anytime you create an event and assign it to a "Group Audience" it will then display in that "Group Audience" calendar. To find your calendar, you'll need to add the event to your right sidebar (see above). View the event sidebar and at the bottom of the event feed you'll see a "View Calendar" link. This will lead you to your calendar.

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