What is this link that appears in the Salli toolbar?

When will I use this link?

Let's get straight to it and explain the reasons why later.

You will use this link if ever you, as a logged in Salli user, publish a change that someone who is not logged in doesn't immediately see.

So for instance you have gone in to edit your event and added a photo of a book and then clicked publish. You see the change (because you are logged in), the book is there. You then call the author to have them check the photo of their book and they don't see it.  You can see the updated book photo but users who are not logged in can not. It's time to use the "Refresh for Visitors" link!

How do I use this link?

To use the "Refresh for Visitors" link navigate to the item you want to update (page, event, announcement, etc.) and then simply click on this link to refresh the page for visitors. You don't even need to click "edit", but remember you will need to be logged in.

Will I have to do this every time I publish?

No! For pages, area landing pages, events etc. when you click publish your changes will automatically go live to everyone.

If you never use the "refresh for visitors" link your pages will still go live within the hour and again the majority of items will go live automatically.

Now for the background and the reasons why

Why was this link created?

The "Refresh for Visitors" link was created to manually clear the cache of any page.


What is Cache?

Cache is a mechanism for the temporary storage (caching) of web documents, such as HTML pages and images, to reduce bandwidth usage, server load, and perceived lag.

(In English?)

So for instance when a person comes to the site a request goes back to the server to build the requested web page. To do this the server works hard to gather all the of the pieces of that page including all images, files and text. This takes the server some time.
What cache does is save a copy of this requested page so that when the next person requests the page the copy is served to them instead of having the server take the time to build the page again.

Having our site cache turned on means a faster more user friendly website.

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