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  • Economic Policy Analysis, US Economic History, History of Economic Thought, Labor Economics, Political Economy, Environmental Political Economy, International Political Economy


    • Political Economy of Global Financial Crises. Theory of Epic Recession. Financial crisis in the U.S., 2003-08, and its comparison with Japan, 1990s, and prior financial events in U.S., 1982 to 2002.  Income Inequality, U.S. and global. Causes and consequences for economic instability. Monetary and Fiscal Policy effectiveness in periods of financial instability. Industrial and trade policies. Theories of financial instability from Keynes, Fisher, Kalecki, Tobin, Minsky. Financial stabilization policies analysis. Evolving relationships between income shares, speculative forms of investment finance, central bank policy effectiveness. 


    • Economic Policy analyses, and the development of policy-based methodologies, associated with estimating changes in relative income shares in the U.S.  Focus on corporate and government policies impacting wages and earnings, tax structures, trade policy, job restructuring, FLSA wage provisions, health benefits, pensions, executive compensation, and social security policies influencing change in relative income shares in the U.S.  Development of a policy-based approach to quantifying relative shares. Analysis of limitations of current academic literature and data sources, and critique of public ideologies associated with explaining trends in relative income shares. 


    • The Political Economy of retirement systems in the U.S. Analysis of the aggregate demand and income effects associated with the decline of defined benefit pension plans, changes in social security financing and privatization, and falling personal savings rates since 1980; Critique of 401K and private pension plans as solutions to the dismantling of the U.S. defined benefit retirement system; financial, tax, and business cycle implications underlying the developing crisis in retirement funding.


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