If you use Outlook, contact the Service Desk at 925-631-4266 to have a technician set it up.

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Outlook users should contact the Service Desk at 925.631.4266 to set up an appointment for setup.  To learn more about how this procedure works, please read this FAQ below.  Remember nothing can happen until April 17, 2013.

To learn more about Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook (GASMO) from google visit this resource or watch the video or Google's support page.

Outlook Questions:

Q. I have Outlook set up to download all my mail only to my computer (POP), is there anything special I need to do?
A. If you have Outlook set up as a POP account (email only available on your hard drive and not leaving a copy on the server ) you will need to include “email” along with calendar, tasks and contacts while configuring GASMO.

Q. What is GASMO?
A. GASMO is what Outlook will use to communicate and sync your Outlook email, Calendar, and Contacts etc. with their Gaelmail account.

Q.  How can I get this setup?
A. Contact the Service Desk to get Outlook setup for Gael Mail.

Q. Can I still view non SMC email in Outlook after running GASMO?
A. All non SMC accounts in Outlook will not be visible after running Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook (GASMO). You will need to re-add them.  The easiest way to do this is contact the Service Desk to ask for assistance. Or for those do-it yourselfers you can make note of current settings for non SMC accounts.  You can also find more information about this here http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook-help/add-or-remove-an-e-mail-a...

Q. I use forward setting on my current SMC email to different account.  What will happen to this setting on April 17, 2013?
A. If you forward your SMC email to a personal non SMC account and are using Outlook to manage your personal non SMC account you will just need to set up a forward on your new SMC gmail account. To learn how to set this up, go to this web page: http://support.google.com/mail/answer/10957?hl=en

How to get Outlook to work with your SMC email.

  • If Outlook is running. Exit or Quit it.
  • If there are any Google Sync (google drive sync, google calendar sync etc.) apps running your computer you will need to exit\stop them from running.
  • To install the Google App Sync for Microsoft Outlook (GASMO)
    Click Here https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gappssync
    Click on the BLUE BAR that says Download Google Apps Sync on the top right.
  • Navigate to your downloads folder (or wherever your downloads are saved to) and find the last download.
    Double click on the .exe
    This is going to install two of Googles apps.  One is Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook and the other is the one you want to use which is Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook.
  • If after installation Google Apps Sync does not start on its own,
    Go to Start, all Programs, Google Apps Sync and click on “setup a Google apps sync user”.
  • A screen will open asking for login information.  Key in your complete login ID including the @stmarys-ca.edu.
  • Click on “yes I have password” and key in your SMC password.
  • Select “Remember me”.
  • Click “Continue”.

A new window will open up. If you have  non SMC calendar, Contacts, Notes etc. that are local to this computer (on your hard drive or computer), check the box “Import data from existing profile”

  • Uncheck the box that sends a crash report.
  • Select “Create Profile”   Be Patient and wait until the message “migration is finished” appears.
  • Click close.


  • Open Outlook

A “select a profile” window will open. Your SMC address followed by “Google apps” will appear.

  • Select “Open”.

The Select Profile option will appear every time you use Outlook. You will need to confirm your address and click open each time you open Outlook going forward.

Continue working within Outlook right away. No need to wait GASMO will continue to run in the background.


If you uncheck the box that states “open this window when Microsoft Outlook starts” the process will continue to run, but you will not have the progress window open all the time.  

The first time you run GASMO might take up to 24 hours to complete depending on the size of the mailbox.

IT Services recommends keeping GASMO running through the night to give the process time to complete.  If you close Outlook, GASMO will remember where it was and continue from that spot.

GASMO will run each and every time the user opens or during the course of Outlook. 

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