Meal Plan Change Request

Meal Plans

If you wish to purchase or make changes to your Meal Plan, you may complete the Meal Plan Request Form.

If you live On Campus - Meal Plan Request Form

If you live Off Campus - Off Campus Meal Plan Request Form

If making changes, you are able to increase your meal plan at any time.  However, to decrease your meal plan you may only do so through the first two weeks of the semester.  Once you have turned in the request, it takes at least 48 hours for that request to be updated.

View the meal plan options.


Flex Dollars

If you would like to add flex dollars to your ID card, you will need to first register by going to the following link:  Click on "sign up now" directly under the login prompt. You can add Flex money to your account any time throughout the semester. This is a great option for students who either do not have a meal plan, or have a low meal plan and would like more flexibility for dining.
Remember when registering to follow the on screen instructions which includes adding two leading zeros to the front of your 7 digit student/staff/faculty ID number (ex: 000123456).
Once you register and log in  to the "GET SMC Flex Dollar" site (using your Saint Mary's email address as your user ID) you will not only be able to buy flex, but also to see what venues will be available for you with your flex dollars.  To access this, click on "Where can I use my funds".  You can also request funds from parents filling in the information under "Ask for Flex Dollars" on the home screen.

Click HERE for further instructions.