In each of our halls we have student and professional staff who are there to lead the residential community. Resident Advisors are students who have been trained to develop the community and create a safe and welcoming environment for all students. Resident Directors are Faculty & Staff members or Christian Brothers who live in the community and serve as resources for the students who live there.

RD selfies 2014-2015 RD selfies 2014-2015 RD selfies 2014-2015


Resident Director

Resident Advisor

Canyon Area


Ageno C (Ferdinand & Camille), 1st

Br. Richard Lemberg, 2014; Br. Ronald Gallagher, 2015

Mary Rys

Ageno C (Ferdinand & Camille), 2nd

Br. Michael Meister

Erik Thomas

Ageno B (Marjorie David), 1st

Darrien Rice

Roshni Mistry

Ageno B (Marjorie David), 2nd

Sr. Dolores Montini

Taylor Elliott

Ageno A (Michael), 1st

Br. Glenn Bolton

Cody Carefoot

Ageno A (Michael), 2nd

Fr. David Gentry Akin

Eric Gutierrez

Claeys North, 1st

Br. Thomas Jones

Matt Gahagan

Claeys North, 2nd

Darrien Rice

Thinus Venter

Claeys South, 1st

Jane Camarillo

Aleysha Thomas

Claeys South, 2nd

Br. Charles Hilken

Shannon Malone


Samantha Alberto

Megan Howell


Jen Herzog

Evelyn Minaise

 Central Area


Siena Hall

Allison Dea

Olivia Petti

Aquinas, 1st

Kami Gray

Andrea Cruchett

Aquinas, 2nd

Colin Pugh

Mariah Arguillez

Aquinas, 3rd

Fr. Tom McElligott

Kelsey Wong

Aquinas, 4th

Fr. Tom McElligott

Diego Rios

Assumption, 1st

Chris Jones

Sasha Worth

Assumption, 2nd

Chris Jones

Callie Coker

Augustine, 1st

Scott Logan

Elio Rojas

Augustine, 2nd

Natalie Vazquez

Litzia Martin

Augustine, 3rd

Susie Miller Reid

Jaclyn Olson

Augustine, 4th

Susie Miller Reid

Stephanie Aiesi

De La Salle, 2nd

Erik Coloma

Ardi Samonte

De La Salle, 3rd

Tereza Kramer

Stephanie Lee

De La Salle, 4th

Tereza Kramer

Yarley Martinez

Justin, 1st

Drew Riley

Ronny Zelaya

Justin, 2nd

Samantha Davison

Sydney Purkey

Mitty, 1st

Jef Aquino

Guy Whittall-Scherfee

Mitty, 2nd

Gillian Cutshaw

Ari Alvarez

 Townhouse Area


Ageno West

Br. Mel Anderson

Trevor Bushong

Ageno East

Evette Castillo Clark

Meghan Pedroncelli


Br. Kenneth Cardwell

Chanel Farago


Michael Geraghty

Bri Foster

Guerrieri West

Jim Sciuto

Magaly Garcia

Guerrieri East

Jim Sciuto

Ashley Letson


Br. Michael Murphy

Laura Diaz


Allison Dea

Andrew Nguyen


  • Note: This link is password protected and intended for residence staff and Public Safety officers only.
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