advisory board

Advisory Board

The MFA in Creative Writing relies on its Advisory Board not only to secure scholarships for its students, but to also provide strategic guidance for the Program. Saint Mary’s considers the Board an integral part of the MFA in Creative Writing's mission.

Executive Committee: Marilyn Abildskov, John Briscoe, Shirley CookstonRobert Hass, Brenda Hillman, Brenna McNab (2011) (Vice Chair), Kelsay Myers (2013, Board Chair), Christopher Sindt, Carol Sayers, and Judith Taylor. 

Alumni Committee: Lily Brown (2007), James Scott Donahue (2014), Germana Fabbri (2015), Mia Fassero (2013), Clare FitzPatrick (2013), Jillian Kurvers (2010), Maria Roden (2006), Susan Sasson (2011).

Thank you to our hard-working advocates!
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Welcome 5 New SEBA Dean Advisory Board Members

The Saint Mary’s College School of Economics and Business Administration (SEBA) would like to welcome five new Advisory Board members: