Autumn 2008

Diana Wu: A Keen Observer

Growing up in China and Hong Kong during World War II and the Communist Revolution, Saint Mary’s business professor Diana Wu experienced a chaotic childhood.

“I still remember when I was four seeing a half-naked woman dying on the street in Hong Kong during a food shortage,” Wu says. “The only thing that saved me was a small pocket dictionary. I would always bring it with me and read it.”

Brickpile Briefs

Presidential historian Richard Reeves, author of influential biographies of John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, discussed the 2008 presidential campaign at the Soda Center on Oct. 8. A former New York Times chief political correspondent, Reeves is senior lecturer at USC’s Annenberg School of Communication.


Renovation Campaign Restores Student Space in De La Salle

For generations, De La Salle Hall’s first floor was the College’s unofficial living room. Students dropped in for organized lectures or disorganized debating sessions, feasted on fare from Louis Guisto’s store and cajoled fellow insomniacs into 3 a.m. games of billiards.

Record Enrollment for Fall 2008 Class

Saint Mary’s 2008–2009 incoming class is the largest in the College’s history, with 799 new students — 675 freshmen and 124 transfer students.

The College exceeded its goal of 750 students.

New SMC students on Move-In Day 2008

Solid Foundation for a Future in Medicine

Nationwide, close to 60 percent of medical school aspirants are turned away, even after applying to 10 or more schools. Recent Saint Mary’s graduates have had much greater success. All seven students who completed the College’s pre-med advising program and applied to medical school in 2007 were accepted.

Jessica Curti ’06, who majored in biology and is at the UC Davis Medical School, credits Saint Mary’s with laying the groundwork for her studies.

Letters to the Editor

From the Editor

Opportunities Abound

The word opportunity comes up a lot when people talk about college.

For many students, college is their opportunity to explore ideas, ancient and new, to figure out what kind of career they will pursue or to learn from great professors who are experts in their fields.