New Databases in 2014

We have added 11 new or expanded databases to support your research in 2014. Click the links below to explore our new offerings!

Discovery Service Face-Off

Date & Time 
Wed, 02/22/2012 - 15:00 to 16:00

Salutations, Gael Nation! Over and over again we've heard your woeful laments - "Why can't I search all of our library databases and our library catalog at the same time? Is there no Google-esque solution we can use? How can I go on in the face of such despair?" Well, chin up, buttercup, there just might be a solution.

New Electronic Resources for January '12

Greetings and welcome to Jan Term, fellow Gaels, we hope that you were all able to partake of the year-end festivities in the style to which you're accustomed. The Library is kicking off the new Gregorian calendar year with a a new slate of electronic resources, and here they are:

New Academic Databases

A Bevy of New Electronic Databases from the SMC Library

Greetings SMC community, and welcome back to campus - we hope you all experienced your fair share of tryptophan, holiday cheer, and large, helmeted men pummeling each other mercilessly over possession of an oddly shaped ball. This is to inform you of new academic database offerings that have come online in recent months. We'll be making a concerted effort to keep the SMC community thoroughly informed about such new offerings moving forward. And now! Behold, the new databases!

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