KGO Radio, TV Interview SEBA's Tomas Gomez-Arias About Black Friday & Cyber Monday

KGO Radio turned to SEBA Global Marketing Professor Tomas Gomez-Arias for insight on Cyber Monday sales, trends and how retailers fared on Black Friday, which is actually turning into more of a Black Thursday and Friday. Gomez-Arias also spoke with the radio outlet's counterpart KGO-TV about sales during Cyber Monday and how retailers are using their online presence to steer shoppers to their brick and mortar stores.

KGO Radio Quotes SEBA's Shyam Kamath On US Postal Service's $16 Billion Loss

KGO news radio spoke with Shyam Kamath, Associate Dean of Saint Mary's School of Economics and Business Administration, about the announcement of a $16 billion loss by the US Postal Service. The federal mail operation has been steadily losing money for years and Kamath, a global business professor, commented on the unlikely viability of the snail mail giant in an age of efficient private shipping competitors and the ubiquitous adoption of email.

Contra Costa Times Interviews Br. Charles Hilken About Sacred Image In Tree

The Contra Costa Times spoke with Br. Charles Hilken about tree trimmers at an area cemetery discovering the image of a cross in a recently cut tree trunk. The report "Trunk bears a cross" said the image had prompted some visitors to touch it, pray and make the sign of the cross in front of it. While the article included scientific suggestions on what may have prompted the appearance, Br.

San Francisco Chronicle, Star Tribune Quote Monica Fitzgerald On Obama's Win

Liberal and Civic Studies Assistant Professor Monica Fitzgerald was interviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle's Carla Marinucci about the re-election of President Obama.

KCBS Interviews Biology Prof. Chandrasekaran About FDA Probe Into Energy Drink

KCBS news radio interviewed Saint Mary's Biology Professor Vidya Chandrasekaran about the current FDA probe into the energy drink Monster. The Food and Drug Administration launched an investigation into the energy drink after five deaths were attributed to consumption of the highly caffeinated beverage.

KTVU-TV Gets Reactions to 2nd Presidential Debate From SMC Students, Prof. Cathy Glenn

KTVU-TV's Jana Katsuyama reporting on SMC student reactions to the second presidential debate in the 2012 election cycle.KTVU-TV reporter Jana Katsuyama visited Saint Mary's Dryden Hall to field student perspectives on the second presidential deb

KGO Radio Interviews SMC's Cathy Glenn About Tactics in First Presidential Debate

KGO News Radio spoke with SMC Communication Professor Cathy Glenn, Director of the College's Debate & Speech team, about what President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Gov. Mitt Romney were likely to try to accomplish in the first of three presidential debates. Listen to the interview


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