KQED Features Perspective By SMC's Steve Woolpert

KQED Perspectives features the commentary "Tough on Underdogs" by SMC's Steve Woolpert on the trend in decisions by the Supreme Court of the United States to favor the rights of the top dog, rather the underdog, in cases before the court. Woolpert, whose academic research focuses on how U.S.

Kathy Perez, Ed.D

Prof. Kathy Perez, Director of Teaching Leadership and Director of Outreach and Recruitment, Kalmanovitz School of EducationAn acclaimed international educational consultant, author and motivational speaker, Perez specializes in innovative instructional strategies, literacy for struggling students and in leadership development. She has worked extensively with teachers, administrators and parents throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Caribbean, Africa and Europe.

Professor Perez can address news issues regarding the implementation of Common Core standards, special education and brain-based teaching. Perez is the author of several books, including More Than 100+ Brain Friendly Tools and Strategies for Literacy! (Corwin Press) and Co-Teaching Book of Lists:  A Practical Guide for Teachers (Jossey-Bass). Her most recent book is The New Inclusion:  Differentiated Strategies to Engage ALL Students! (Teacher College Press).  

She can be reached in her office at 925-631-4506 or by email at [email protected]. For assistance in reaching the professor, or with another news topic, please contact Director of Media Relations Mike McAlpin at 925-631-4222 (office), 925-878-9535 (cell) or by email at [email protected].

Los Angeles' KPFK Speaks With Ron Ahnen About Ongoing Prison Hunger Strike

Saint Mary's political science professor Ron Ahnen was recently interviewed on the Los Angeles radio station KPFK about the hunger strike currently underway in California's prison system. The strike involves up to 2,000 inmates who are refusing meals to protest a variety of issues, in particular, indefinite solitary confinement.

KCBS Discusses Supreme Court Gay Marriage Decision With SMC's Steve Woolpert

KCBS News Radio spoke with Saint Mary's Politics Professor Stephen Woolpert about the historic decision by the Supreme Court of the United States on gay marriage and its rulings on DOMA and Prop 8. Dean of SMC's School of Liberal Arts, Woolpert's research focuses on the U.S. Constitution and how decisions by the Supreme Court affect the nation. The news interview centered around the possibility of the supporters of Prop 8 finding a way to re-submit the case before the US Supreme Court.

Bloomberg News Taps Politics Prof. Hisham Ahmed for Insight on Israeli - Palestinian Peace Talks

Prof. Hisham AhmedBloomberg News spoke with Saint Mary's Politics Professor Hisham Ahmed about the stalled peace process between Israel and Palestine and about efforts by U.S.

KGO Radio Discusses Superheroes With SMC's Ellen Rigsby

In advance of Hollywood's new reboot of the Superman franchise with the "Man of Steel" movie, SMC Communication Professor Ellen Rigsby, whose research includes depictions of race, gender and society in comic books, spoke with KGO news radio anchors Jennifer Jones Lee and Jon Bristow about the public's fascination with superheroes.

Listen to the entertaining interview.

Washington Post Features Book Review By Politics Prof. David Alvarez

The Washington Post published a review written by Saint Mary's Politics Professor David Alvarez on the new book The Pope's Last Crusade: How an American Jesuit Helped Pope Pius XI's Campaign to Stop Hitler.  The book by the award-winning journalist Peter Eisner tells the story of Pope Pius XI (Achille Ratti) who was one of the most prominent critics of Hitler in the 1930s. Alvarez says Eisner's book helps to rescue  Pius XI from obscurity.

Contra Costa Times Turns to SMC's Zach Flanagin on Issue of Women Priests

In its story about the ordainment of a Bay Area woman as a Catholic priest, the Contra Costa Times turned to Saint Mary's Theology & Religious Studies Professor Zach Flanagin for a historical perspective of the church's position on women as priests. The story, "San Ramon woman to be ordained priest, angering Catholic Church," focuses on a woman who is a member of the Roman Catholic Womenpriests, an international group which the article says "has ordained about 150 women as priests, bishops and deacons worldwide -- including two priests who work in Los Gatos and San Francisco."

Voice of Russia Interviews SEBA's Shyam Kamath About Eurozone, Italy's Elections

Voice of Russia American Edition logoThe Eurozone continues to wrangle with political and economic uncertainty, especially in Italy where a February election ended up in a deadlock,without an agreement between the major parties.  Experts predict


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