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Inside Higher Ed Reports on "Disconnect, Power Off and Unplug" Jan Term class

Inside Higher Ed reports on "Disconnect, Power Off and Unplug: The Lost Art of Solitude" Jan Term class, which challenges students to drastically reduce their use of social media, TV, computers and smartphones during the month of January. Yet the class is not meant to be a rehab clinic. “It’s more of a search for self," said Linda Saulsby, adjunct professor of communication and liberal studies.

News Outlets Tap Saint Mary's Faculty, Students For Insight, Reaction To Pope's Resignation

More than a half-dozen news outlets, including the NBC News web page, the San Francisco Chronicle, KGO-TV, KPIX-TV, KTVU-TV, KCBS radio and KGO radio, reached out to several Saint Mary's communicty members for faculty insight on, and student reaction to, the unexpected resignation of Pope Benedict XVI.

KCBS & KGO Radio Interview Steve Woolpert About Supreme Court Review of Gay Marriage

Saint Mary's School of Liberal Arts Dean Steve Woolpert spoke with KCBS and KGO radio about the decision by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS)  to review gay marriage. Woolpert, a politics professor who studies constitutional law and how U.S. social policies are influenced by the nation's high court, commented on which way the Supreme Court may rule when it examines California's voter-approved ban on same-sex marriages, "Proposition 8," and a New York challenge to the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

Vatican Radio Interviews SMC's Fr. Mike Russo On What's Next For President Obama

Vatican Radio spoke with Saint Mary's Communication Professor Rev. Michael Russo about the re-election of President Barack Obama and the pressing concerns facing the 44th Commander in Chief in his second term. 

KTVU-TV Story About Cross Apparition In Tree Features Br. Mark McVann

KTVU-TV spoke with Theology and Religious Studies Professor Brother Mark McVann about the imprint of a cross that was discovered in the mid-section of a tree trunk in an East Bay cemetery. A groundskeeper who discovered the cross, and who also recently lost his brother in a tragic accident, took the appearance of the cross as a sign from his deceased sibling. Br. McVann spoke to KTVU's Jade Hernandez about the frequency and validity of faith-related apparitions throughout history.

KCBS News Interviews SMC's Steve Woolpert About Hurricane Sandy Delaying Election

KCBS News spoke with Saint Mary’s politics professor and dean of the School of the Liberal Arts Steve Woolpert about the possibility of 2012 presidential election being delayed as result of Hurricane Sandy. Nearly 50 people lost their lives in the so-called super storm and estimated 8 ½ million people were left without power. 

Listen to the KCBS interview with Steve Woolpert.

KGO Radio Interviews SEBA's Michael Hadani About $2 Billion Oval Office Campaign

KGO news radio interviewed Saint Mary’s College management professor Michael Hadani about what he calls the "arms race" of political fundraising in the 2012 presidential race. In the contest for the Oval Office Republican Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama have raised nearly $2 billion in campaign funds. Hadani, an associate professor in Saint Mary's School of Economics & Business Administration, looks at the impact of corporate money on elections and the resulting policies of politicians who take those dollars.

Chicago Tribune Highlights Consumer Research By SEBA's Andrew Wilson

Chicago Tribune business reporter Gregory Karp quoted a recent study about consumer purchasing behavior co-authored  by Saint Mary's professor Andrew Wilson. The Tribune story "The price of bad budgeting, referred to the study "Rose-Colored Glasses: Are Optimistic Consumers More Likely to Trust Salespeople?" in the Journal of Consumer Research.