Fall 2007

Local School Double-covered by Former SMC Hoops Stars

By John Leykam

It’s not surprising that former Gaels Eric Bamberger ’92 and Lindsay Lopez Wisely ’04 remain residents of Contra Costa County, since they were raised there and excelled as student-athletes at Saint Mary’s. Given the influence of the Christian Brothers, it’s also understandable that the two became educators.

It is unusual, however, that they’re teachers and head varsity basketball coaches at the same high school — Deer Valley in Antioch.


By Analucia DaSilva

Whatever It Is You Try to Know

Stand free of the nostalgic
pull, a dark saw-tooth shadow.

Approach from nowhere,
find out the rules tightly held
in angles and thin curved shells.

Inside each wing’s scene
of flight – the skeletal, vertical,
boneless aspects – are rigged
pinions of a voiced


The trill of sounding forms,
bridged by the eye, perched
at the edge of your body,
commands that you see.

A Sanctuary of Learning

By Heidi Donner

Hearst Art Gallery celebrates 30 years of expanding minds

Intellectual Odyssey

By Debra Holtz
Illustration by Carl Detorres

Inviting a new generation to join the conversation

All the World's a Lab

By John Grennan

Science students and faculty mentors spend summers in unconventional classrooms

Why Teach?

By Erin Hallissy
Illustrations by Jennifer Burkhardt

More than 18,000 California teachers leave the profession each year, but others find joy in the classroom

Commencement '07

Photography by Dan Rosenstrauch

Extraordinary accomplishments celebrated

Commenecment '07
Commencement '07

Commencement '07

Rap for the Founder

Broad'n the game. Expand the brain. Do what you can and plan to make change.
—Lyrics of "Mind Cultivation"

During De La Salle Week in April, Jason Harris ‘07, Jon Bertain ‘07 and Nick Carmone ‘09 made a video of their Lasallian rap song “Mind Cultivation” and posted it on YouTube.

Sanderl Named Campus Ministry Dean

by Kevin Damore MFA ’07


Brother Michael Sanderl (left) with students Charlie Schnellbacher and Chris Torres during De La Salle Week.

Brickpile Briefs

More than 770 new undergraduate students are expected to enroll at the College in fall 2007, based on deposits received. The total includes a projected 620 freshmen and 150 transfer students. Nearly 25 percent of the Class of 2011 will be eligible for Pell Grants. Of the deposited freshmen, 59 percent attended public high schools, 33 percent are from Catholic high schools — including 9 percent from Lasallian schools — and 8 percent attended independent secondary schools.