Fall 2008

80 Years and Counting for Brother Mel and SMC: 1940-1949

By Erin Hallissy and Rich Davi

1942 - Navy Pre-flight School.


The first Catholic intercollegiate formal dance in the
area was held at the “swanky” San Francisco Country Club; a then all-time high of 14 dances was held during the school year.

80 Years and Counting for Brother Mel and SMC: 1950-1959

By Erin Hallissy and Rich Davi

1951 - Brother Mel at the Junior Novitiate at Mont La Salle.


Football was dropped for the second time after the season’s conclusion.

Noon's Compartment

By Lily Brown

By the river, staid, long
cords of bone.

Thin boats slid by.
We heard the sound
of dressed-up humans.

Fancy boats, inchoate moods
in noon's compartment.

Afterwards, we walked
the sand and our shadows
knocked hard and froze.

Red light, purple light
behind Highway One,
you are only so

beautiful in the sun burned
eye, in the under-lid's grit.

Two circles brush fire
on the palm.

Beloved Professor Dies

By John Grennan

Mary Doyle Springer.

Send in the Clowns

The iconic LIFE magazine photo of the 1959 phone booth stuffing.When Brilliant Thinkers Have Time on Their Hands

In Memoriam


  • Brother Vincent Malham, FSC


  • Hon. Joseph G. Babich ’43
  • Jerald R. Belk EE ’91
  • David Born MBA ’79
  • Frank V. Calcagno ’66
  • Luis M. Callejas ’84
  • Colleen Ward Chackel ’93
  • Daniel T. Coons EE ’92
  • Patricia A. Corbeille EE ’87
  • Carlo A. Dallosta ’38
  • Chris C. Damianakes MBA ’91
  • Susan M. Dennie ’96, ML ’07
  • Michael J. Fitzpatrick ’81
  • Charles M. Higgins ’50
  • Neil Rodney Honeycutt EE ’92
  • Mary Jane Huff ME ’83

Alumni Board 2008–09 Roster

Executive Team

  • Janine Ogando ’89 President
  • Patrick Young ’05 President-elect
  • Cindy Cooper ’96 Vice President
  • Denise Decota ’02 Vice President
  • David Johnson ’84 Vice President

New Directors

  • David Johnson ’84 former board Vice President
  • Kate Koens ’01 President, Contra Costa Alumni Chapter
  • Rushell Gordon ’96 active in alumni diversity events
  • Erin Burke ’92 President, Silicon Valley Alumni Chapter

Golden Gaels Swap Tales

By John Grennan

John Kenny ’37.

Pinch-Hitting for the President: Jim Wood '70

Photography by Gabrielle Diaz '11

Jim Wood '70.

Gaels in Wine Chapter Created

Gaels who are part of the wine industry have formed a new alumni chapter — Gaels in Wine — with plans to gather on a regular basis to share the fruit of the vine and swap insights on everything from making to marketing wine.

Kozlowski talks to alums.