Our Nature

By Rebecca Farivar

Listen, the geese
leave, no thought

for the lake, glass jar
stuck in mud.

Cotton bales
stacked in fields--

you white-flower
turncoats, listen--

Rebecca Fariver's first poetry collection, Correct Animal, will be published by Octopus Books in July 2011. She has published poems in Denver Quarterly, 6x6, cold-drill and elsewhere. Farivar MFA '96 currently lives in Bonn, Germany.

In Memoriam

Saint Mary's Benefactor Howard J. Korth Dies

Talk, Talk, Talk

By Kelly Fisher '11

Working Across the Aisle: Stories from the California State House

By Daniel Weintraub

Letters to the Editor

Readers Offended by Language

Why would you waste a page of the magazine with an insipid poem like The Negatives on page 45? In addition, we were offended by the language! And please don't use "academic freedom" as an excuse! What happened to good judgment? Please remove us from the circulation list.
S. J. Kukawka, Vista, CA

The Great Divide

"You Lie!"

These words shouted at President Obama during a fall 2009 health care speech to Congress raised the hackles of legislators on both sides of the aisle and prompted a call for greater civility in our national political debate.

And for a while, it seemed like things were calming down.

Can We Talk?

For some time now our national discourse has grappled with the tone and intractability of sharply opposing worldviews. Pundits and legislators occupy hardened positions, lobbing insults and dire warnings across a razor-wired divide that seems too deep and treacherous to cross.

Some characterize this state of affairs as a culture war.

In Memoriam

Lloyd Vernon Schine Jr. '71, MA '81 and
Lorina Ros Schine

Lloyd Vernon Schine Jr. & Lorna Ros Schine passed away following a car accident on Nov. 11, 2010, in Newberry Springs, Calif. Both were 59 years old.

Music to Our Ears

By Linda Peterson

How does a musician know he or she is a musician? Here’s one gauge: musicians make music. Music has always been an important part of Saint Mary’s — from the Jazz Band to the all community choir to visiting groups performing in the Chapel. But new partnerships with the Contra Costa Chamber Orchestra (CCCO) and the Diablo Wind Symphony (DWS) mean music-loving Gaels have assets any musician would welcome — more venues, more professional colleagues and more audiences.

The Artist's Life

It’s dark outside on winter mornings, as sophomore Harmony Negrin — dancer, harpist, yoga enthusiast, dance team member for the basketball team, problem solver at the library — knows firsthand. She’s up early to get to her 7:30 job in computer technology services at the Saint Mary’s library. With a name like Harmony it might seem inevitable that this young woman, the first in her family to go to college, would be a music lover. Sure enough, she’s played the harp since she was five and danced since she was 12. By 10:30, Harmony takes advantage of a free period to practice the harp.