Elektra: A Girl Who Loved the Color Red
by Kaya Oakes

It seemed to bleed you, every night
those walks past the chapel, just so far apart
that we meant nothing. Your back
against mine told me nothing but the color gray –

and gripping that I wondered if it hurt
to turn toward another voice
another round of questioning.

The Consequences of Chaos

By Hisham H. Ahmed

SMC Professor Examines the Middle East at a Crossroads

Coach for Life

Story by Erin Hallissy
Photography by Dan Rosenstrauch


From the Editor


The energetic young woman entertaining the crowd at Oliver Hall on the cover of this magazine is Sonya Lee, a 21-year-old senior and dance sensation. Lee, who’s majoring in communication and minoring in dance, hopes to work after College as a Lasallian Volunteer, teaching performing arts to young students at a San Miguel school in Chicago.


By Andrew Demcak

Warriors at Troy, (Drinking Cup), 6th C. BCE. British Museum, London. Photo credit: Erich Lessing / Art Resource, NY

That place, just a myth, a thread into rope.
What restraint and fear among the broken

Measures of Success: Jessica Lee

By John Grennan

As president of the Asian Pacific American Student Association (APASA) last year, Jessica Lee ’07 knew how to bring people together.

“Networking is one of my strongest suits,” says Lee, who graduated in May. “I always tried to introduce different campus club leaders to each other — if I couldn’t do something, I wanted to put people in touch with someone who could.”

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