From the Editor

Dear Readers,

With this issue, we enter Year II of the reconceived and redesigned Saint Mary's magazine. This issue's feature content explores three themes: the Saint Mary's commencement experience and what makes it distinctive; the life experiences of four women alumnae during the four decades since the College became co-ed in 1970, and the recently published papal encyclical on love.


Window (Closed)

perspective is glass
      on a world I neither
      occupy nor contain
this red of sky
won't last the hour
      wind finds
      in trees
flock of sudden sun bracelet of red breasted blackbirds
      as if something loosed in the sky stolent from landscape's
      narrow sleeve
I might clasp around my wrist
as it is unrelenting

The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa

A Startling Transformation

Story by Debra Holtz

Two innovative Lasallian schools in Chicago are transforming the lives of inner-city youth. Saint Mary's students and alumni who volunteered at the schools have found their own lives taking new directions as a result.

Rabble Rousers in the Academy

Two Saint Mary's professors merged a passion for Film Noir and a rapidly growing technology to expand the boundaries of academic research.

Deep Roots

Story by Erin Hallissy
Photographs by Allyson Wiley '02

President Announces Facilities, Lauds Volunteers

Story by Barry Shiller


Blueprints for new academic and recreational facilities and plans for campus diversity and long-range planning highlighted Brother President Ronald Gallagher's first "State of the College" presentation in February.

The presentation attracted close to 200 members of the College and local community and marked the first anniversary of Brother Ronald's presidency.

Staying Engaged

Story by Barry Shiller


In early 2005, we began a makeover of this magazine. The goal was a publication that, through engaging content and a visually appealing design, fully expresses the relevance and vitality of Saint Mary's College to its alumni and many friends. Fifteen months and four issues later, we've been reflecting on how the magazine is evolving and how it can be further improved. Here's a snapshot of things as we see them:


For Barbara Guest

at some point, or at gunpoint
human is to wander

the light is not the usual light
the birds are

by Norma Cole

On Shepherds and Stewards