Story by Brother Kenneth Cardwell

Brother Sixtus Robert Smith, FSC

July 14, 1914 – September 12, 2006


Keeping the Connections

Story by Erin Hallissy
Photography by Melissa Barnes

Sharing the Spirit


Night Gardening by Michael Palmer

A reader writes to complain
that there are no cellphones in my poems,
so here is one,

its body chrome,
its face a metallic blue.
It’s neither transmitting nor receiving.

A woman from Duluth requests
that I cease sending secret messages
to her in my poems.

This I will do forthwith.

And the blackbird at evening.

She says, You have misrepresented the river
there where it turns


Fall is a season of beginning at Saint Mary’s, a time for meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends, of opening untouched texts and filling blank notebooks with questions, explanations and revelations. Students arrive ready to learn and eager to get involved in all sorts of activities on campus and off.


by Norma Cole

Leave the room
to itself. Compare it
to a sleeping,
living creature.

Time is the dark-
packed house
of this place,
the luck of the desert

into the floor of the desert.

is ready.
A light burns
wherever necessary.

Like skin,
like a prison,
each thought's
an instant ruin.

Leave the room to itself.
Here's a needle. Here is the sea.

Rogue River Journal

John Daniel


John Daniel is the author of Rogue River Journal, The Trail Home, Looking After, Winter Creek, and two collections of poetry. In the fall of 2005 he will serve as the Saint Mary's College MFA Program's Distinguished Writer in Residence.

Kansas City Royalty

Story by Joseph Wakelee-Lynch

Mark Teahen, a rookie third baseman for the Kansas City Royals and former All-West Coast Conference player at Saint Mary's, sits relaxed and composed in the visiting team's clubhouse before a game in early May against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. About four hours before the first pitch, the atmosphere borders on chaos: televisions blaring, teammates noisily taunting one another, soda carts rolling through the locking room, and a small infielder in street clothes - out of breath and an hour late - rushing toward his locker.

Reenvisioning the Inferno in the Golden State

Story by Brother Michael F. Meister, FSC


Advancing the Mission

Story by Kap Stann


The Human Cost of War

Story by Gilburt Loescher