Women of Influence: Gilda Gonzales '87

Gilda Gonzalez graduated from Saint Mary’s with a degree in industrial psychology and a passion for business. She went on to earn a master’s in public administration from Cal State University, East Bay and became devoted to public service. She says the best advice she ever received was to start contributing to her 401(K) at the age of 25. Gonzalez is now CEO of the Unity Council, a nonprofit community development corporation committed to enriching the Fruitvale District of Oakland.

Women of Influence: Angelica Garcia '98

Women of Influence: Janet Ferraro M '00

Women of Influence: Sherie Dodsworth '78

Sherie Swiess Dodsworth graduated from Saint Mary’s with a bachelors in accounting and has since become a self-made businesswoman with a vibrant career and family life. Dodsworth was the first female president of the SMC Alumni Association and the first woman to be elected Alumni of the Year, in 1999.

Women of Influence: Jeanne (Toomey) DeMatteo '83

Jeanne DeMatteo lives the Lasallian tradition every day through the many roles she plays. She is a mother, daughter, sister, friend, wife and a key member of the Saint Mary’s community. DeMatteo graduated from SMC with a bachelor’s in accounting and went on to use her understanding of economic resources to further the educational field. She returned to SMC as director of finance and controller, playing a vital role in the College’s financial management.

Women of Influence: Michelle Batista '02

In San Francisco's Tenderloin, Michelle Batista, who graduated in 2002, works at De Marillac Academy, a tuition-free school founded in 2001 by the Christian Brothers and the Daughters of Charity next to St. Anthony's dining room. More than 70 percent of the students are Latino, and many come from worlds of hardship, stress and turmoil.


By Claire Becker

To conserve ice,
I rub it on burned fingers

before putting it in my drink.
The egg burning still.

Lightning and sun on the leaves,
blue-gray behind the brownstones.

Too powerful, the bird call
outside, above the chainsaw.

Engine; bark; brakes:
constant sounds of the city,

not often helpful.
I've brought no clothes

for a funeral. I'm rationalizing
a death. This place

becomes my home. Brooklyn,
the brownstone.


Saint Mary's Swaggers Onto the National Stage in the NCAA Tournament

After knocking off Gonzaga in the WCC Championship on March 8, the men's basketball team swaggered into March Madness with enough charm and attitude to make even casual basketball fans, both nationally and internationally, want to know more about the College. Who is Saint Mary's, and how did it catapult so quickly to the national stage? And what secret ingredients did the College have to become one of the feel-good stories of the NCAA Tournament?

A Passion for Performing

By Jesse Hamlin
Photography by Toby Burditt

Living in a Danger Zone

By Patricia Yollin

The 1991 East Bay hills fire killed 25 people and destroyed 3,000 homes.

The green hills around Saint Mary's will soon turn brown. Wildfire season is coming. It is a constant for anyone living in California, as certain and inevitable as summer giving way to fall.