Not Your Average Chemistry Lab

By Mike McAlpin
Photography by Allyson Wiley '02

Urban environmental issues class studies at former military base...

Steve Bachofer works with students. The class used the former Alameda Naval Air Station as a lab.

Adventures Abroad


Claudia Roldan '09 and An Tran '09.

Not Limited to Classroom Walls

By Erin Hallissy

CILSA's 10 years of community service and scholarship

Bonner Leader Vince Sison at the General Assistance Advocacy Project.

From the Editor

By Erin Hallissy


Some people make a distinction between college and the "real world," as though they are mutually exclusive concepts. Saint Mary's students experience the real world every day as they explore the great questions of all time and their place in their unique time on earth.

Letters to the Editor

Where's the Chapel?

Dear Editors,
I am concerned about the variations of the campus logo we seem to be seeing these days.  It seems to me that, as a Catholic and Christian institution, the logo including the College Chapel should be the official logo and used on all communications from SMC. We should be proud to be a College that is Catholic and Christian, and we should be both willing and proud to advertise this to others.

from Some Versions of the Street

By Sharon Lynn Osmond

an interval



She leans into it, buttons her brown coat, spills oranges from a torn bag
--corporeal orbs among the dim litter of gray stones
rocky October pewter light

At her feet, paired sparrows forage
sifting bone sifting bone

severed landscape

loosed like sand


I lean into it, and it gives
Edges ravel fragile
Salt-grass fills blind diamonds

my eyes

Soldiers forage near me
sifting bone sifting bone



Ext. Former US Embassy — Tehran — Night — Dream Sequence

By Nima Najafi-Kianfar

There is a building whose guards are doors,
men pressed into wood years ago;
they cannot open or close themselves.
Uniforms splinter what Iran calls their
a surface that cannot tolerate any more

Parcels of ash
rain on cloudless days
when things
are dreams.

Feel floors of red
promenades; faith twitching limbs
inched distances
finding refuge in
dollar-veiled walls.


By Lysley Tenorio
Illustration by Brynn Metheney

An excerpt from the short story by Lysley Tenorio, associate professor of English and winner of a prestigious 2008 Whiting Writers’ Award.

Leaving a Positive Imprint

By Erin Hallissy
Photograph by Toby Burditt

Aussies bring no worries, mate, to Gaels basketball

A Global Mission

Saint Mary’s editor Erin Hallissy talked recently to Brother Dominic Berardelli about the Christian Brothers’ expanding presence throughout the world

Brother Andrei Silva with student in Brazil.