Bridging Cultural Gaps

By Tanya Schevitz
Portraits by Thomas Vo

Trans-Global Executive MBA Gives Students Real-life Lessons

Shannon Eng, International Program Assistant, UCSF: A visit to a business park in Slovenia brought unexpected insights.

Letters to the Editor

Golden Gaels Snubbed

Dear Editors,
Is it not hard to believe that of the eight individuals selected to discuss the Ayers visit on campus, there was absolutely no representation from the 1940’s and 1950’s alumni? The College draws so much support from these alumni, and I am certain you heard from many prior to your assembling the Seminar.

We were thinking long before the Seminar Program began, and fortunately we are still thinking clearly now. It is a shame that none of us were heard.

Donald J. Cariani ’58, Regent Emeritus
Los Gatos

From the Editor

By Erin Hallissy

Around the World

From the Editor

By Erin Hallissy

Our Core Principles

Edited By John Grennan

Speaker's Visit Sparks Seminar Discussion on College's Role

Chuck Delgado '03.


The towering weather predictors mutter
I heard them long ago some dream
some sputter of electroradiomagna

Cast shadow
Cast a net

In the teachings of the elders there were actually five
directions, the fifth being center. Center as a place
to go. A point in relation to the other spreading corners.

Quickly the lighthouse is an island
The sea its own weapon
He uses the stars to steer them

Like Hades in his river. No stranger to the movement
of the masters. An ear to the war.

The Good Earth of the Moraga Valley

When the Brothers first arrived, the Moraga Valley was empty save for the rain-soaked mud that covered their shoes up to their ankles. It was good earth that they found here, as our current landscape of trees, grass and shrubs reveals.

A Sense of Place

The Christian Brothers run six colleges and universities in the United States, each with a unique character influenced by its location and the students it serves. Writers from each campus share their perspectives.

The Poems Beneath Our Feet

Brenda Hillman, the Olivia Filippi Professor of Poetry at Saint Mary's College, discusses her books on the ancient Greek elements, particularly her book on the earth, with Saint Mary's Poetry Editor Christopher Sindt.

Christopher Sindt: You just completed the third of a four-book sequence based on the four classical elements earth, air, water and fire. Where did the idea for this sequence come from?

A Veritable Thing of Beauty, Even of Grandeur

Photo essay by Nicolo Sertorio