The Tidings Interviews Brother Charles Hilken About Reagan Library Vatican Exhibit

Logo of The Tidings of the LA Diocesan newspaper.The Tidings, the newspaper of the Los Angeles diocese, interviewed Brother Charles Hilken about the Vatican Splendors exhibition at the Reagan Library.

Huffington Post Talks With History Prof. Carl Guarneri About Utopias

History Professor Carl GuarneriThe Huffington Post spoke with Saint Mary's professor Carl Guarneri for its story about intentional communities in the article "Searching for Happiness in Utopia."  HuffPo reporter Catherine Pearson sought out th

Public Radio's BackStory Interviews History Professor Carl Guarneri on Utopian Societies

Saint Mary's history professor Carl Guarneri was interviewed by BackStory with the American History Guys, a nationally-syndicated one-hour public radio show that explores contemporary issues and events through a historical lens. Guarneri, whose academic research includes utopian societies, discussed the influence of the French utopian Charles Fourier and his American followers of the 1840s.

Pope Observations by Brother Charles Hilken Prompt Contra Costa Times Op-Ed, CBS-5, AP Interviews

Observations from papal history expert Brother Charles Hilken about the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI appeared in local and national news outlets this weekend. The Saint Mary's history professor, and chair of the Cummins Institute, also appeared on the KPIX-TV/CBS-5 Sunday morning news show with anchors Phil Matier and Anne Mackovec to discuss Benedict's decision to resign.

Students Share Haunted Stories

Connie Tai, Whitney Camp and George Emmons talk about the haunted stories they know about Saint Mary's.