If you want to know more information about iClickers, contact the Help Desk at extension 4266 or visit them in the library computer lab.

iClickers are small hand held student response devices the size of a small cell phone.  An instructor can pose a multiple-choice question, and each student can indicate a choice using the i Clicker.   The number of students choosing each option can appear on the screen if the instructor chooses to show the window stimulates conversation between the students.

SMC's standard clicker is the iClicker, though there are many different types and brands of clickers.

In addition to the student's clickers, there is a base station or "hub"  that plugs into the instructor's laptop or the classroom's Instructor There is special software that must be installed ahead of time but it is a simple process and should only take about a five minutes.

No, clickers don't really click.

To request this service: In general, if a course will use clickers, students should buy them from the bookstore. Instructors should tell the bookstore ahead of time how many students are in courses using clickers.

The College has a few sets of 30 clickers for use by student groups, specific classes, meetings, etc.  So if an instructor wants to use them only a few times during the course of a course (so to speak), a set can usually be checked out from the Instructional Technology department.  Please call the Service Desk at extension 4266 if you want to use these iClickers.  However, the request should be put in well ahead of time, because the clicker sets are available on a first-come first-served basis.

Instructors who intend to use clickers for most or all of their class meetings should tell the bookstore how many students

Cost: There is a cost for the i Clickers if a faculty member decides to use them on a regular basis. There are two sets of thirty that are available for check out. Students can purchase iClickers in the Bookstore for $40.00 and can resell them to the bookstore at the end of each semester.

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