Did you know there's an Episcopal Church on SMC Campus?

Holy Eucharist Service every Sunday at 9:00am

Saint Mary's College Chapel


IC Open House! 9/8/15 at 5:00pm

Come play games, win prizes, and learn all about what the Intercultural Center does here on campus!

The Open House takes place on Sept. 8, 2015 at 5:00-6:30pm at the Intercultural Center! (located between Cafe Louie & bookstore) There will be free food!

New SMC Weight Watchers Series 9/10/2015

SMC Weight Watchers at Work has lost over 419 pounds since February 12, 2015!!
To join our new session, come to our meeting on September 10, 2015; Noon to 1 in De La Salle Hall 113.
The price of the next session depends on the number of people who join. It will be either 12 week session is $156 with a minimum of 14 signing up or ($13/week) or 17 + 2 week bonus = 19 week session is $186 with a minimum of 20 signing up.

Community Time 2015-16

Community Time is from 1 p.m. to 2:40 each Wednesday of the Fall and Spring Term.  What's happening during community time?

New Daily Mass Time on Wednesdays

Dear SMC Community,

Daily Mass will be offered every Wed at 12pm in the Brothers' Chapel, replacing the 5:15pm Mass.  Mass on Mon, Tue, Thur will remain at 5:15pm, and Fri at 7:00am. Mass will be celebrated with simplicity and reverence to accommodate the lunch hour. All are welcome!  Come for spiritual refuge and renewal.  NOTE: There is no 12pm Mass on Sept. 9 due to Mass of the Holy Spirit.


Fr. Hai Ho, Chaplain

Jan Term Rwanda Info Sessions

RWANDA INFO SESSIONS: 9/9, 4PM OR 5:30PM | 9/14, 4PM OR 5:30PM | 9/16, 1PM, LOCATIONS- TBD


Student Health 101 is Ready For You!

September issue is now available. Check your SMC inbox for more information on wellness and upcoming events on campus. 

Class of '15 "Seal it with a Selfie"

Callie Coker (lf) and Jenna Khoury (rt) lead freshmen in honor code pledge.


Academic Honor Council Co-Chairs, Callie Coker and Jenna Khoury, "seal if with a selfie" with freshmen after Convocation Honor Code Pledge.

Art Professor Peter Freund Exhibits in Iran

SMC Art Professor Peter Freund this week concludes a solo show of his video art, entitled IRAN USA, at the Sazmanab Center for Contemporary Art. The works in his exhibition explore the element of fantasy in historical memory, including the end of the McCarthy Red Scare period in the US, the US/British-orchestrated coup d'état of Iran, and the relationship between the two.


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