Spring 2008

Top 5 Reasons to Stay Connected to SMC

By Chris Carter, Associate Director of Alumni Relations

One of the greatest challenges for many colleges is alumni engagement.

Staying connected to Saint Mary’s can be rewarding for both an alum and the institution in many ways. The vitality of the College relies on the goodwill of its current and past constituents, not just financially, but also in contributing to the mission by advising, teaching, working for and supporting an environment where students can grow academically, socially and spiritually.

Brickpile Briefs

Performing arts professor Dan Cawthon, who is retiring in June after 27 years at SMC, will perform his one-man show “Damien” on March 27 and 28 at 8 p.m. in the Soda Center. He has received rave reviews for his portrayal of the Belgian priest who ministered to lepers on Molokai. Cawthon founded the Performing Arts Department and has received several honors from SMC, including Professor of the Year and the De La Salle award.


May You Always Be the Darling of Fortune

March 10th and the snow flees like eloping brides
into rain. The imperceptible change begins
out of an old rage and glistens, chaste, with its new
craving, spring. May your desire always overcome

your need; your story that you have to tell,
enchanting, mutable, may it fill the world
you believe: a sunny view, flowers lunging
from the sill, the quilt, the chair, all things

A Sacred Element

When the first drops of the summer-long rainy season fall on parched Nigerian soil, Hausa-speaking farmers and herders give thanks by saying “Ruwa ya yi gyara” — “the rain, it is repairing.” It is understood in this prayer of thanksgiving that God’s gift of rain not only repairs the soil but renews the soul as well.

Delta Blues

By Erin Hallissy

Professors examine how water shortages could affect the East Bay Economy

The Sacramento–San Joaquin delta has dozens of man-made islands that are at risk of flooding, like the one seen here, because of deteriorating levees.

Inside the Red Triangle

By Gerard M. Capriulo

Sharks in our waters...and elephant seals, sea otters & more

Gerard M. Capriulo, Ph.D.

From the Headwaters to the Tap

By Christopher Sindt

A story from the Wintu tradition goes like this: “Water says this, ‘Wherever you put me, I’ll be in my home. I am awfully smart. Lead me out of springs, lead me from my rivers, but I came from the ocean and I shall go back into the ocean. You can dig a ditch and put me in it, but I go only so far and I am out of sight. I am awfully smart. When I am out of sight I am on my way home.’”

Pipe Dream Fulfilled

By John Grennan

How the Navy helped bring water to Saint Mary’s

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The Christian Brothers who moved the College to Moraga in 1928 would scarcely recognize today’s Contra Costa County, with its crowded freeways and sprawling subdivisions in place of the orchards and pastures that once dominated the landscape.

In Memoriam


  • Brother Richard Columban Derby, FSC ’40


  • Don Anderson ’57
  • Alva Blythe ’51
  • Lawrence L. Chin, Jr. ’67
  • Leslie A. Garaventa ’47
  • Charles Heinbockel ’34
  • Richard Kelly ’53
  • William J. Kenney, Jr. ’42
  • Donald Lee ’79
  • Teresa Schulte MacCartney ’82
  • Terrel C. Murphy ’60
  • Father Joseph O’Reilly ’34
  • John Patrick Riordan ’54
  • John P. Saitz ’56
  • Frank Salamid ’34
  • John Sertic ’50
  • Judge Edward Shanahan ’32

Impressive Group Joins Board of Regents

Saint Mary’s has five new members on its Board of Regents, bringing the total number of active regents to 44. Following are brief biographies of the new members:

Joseph A. Motta '84.