Spring 2008

New Provost Envisions SMC as College for “Students with a Conscience”

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Bethami (Beth) Dobkin, Ph.D., became the College provost and vice president for academic affairs on Feb. 1, replacing Sally Stampp, who will return to teaching in fall 2008.

Conserving Water

SMC is becoming more environmentally sustainable through efforts that include campaigns to save water and energy.

Plumbing upgrades including low-flow showers and toilets and waterless urinals, which save 13,500 gallons per day, were installed in dormitories, earning the College a “WaterSmart School” designation.

From the Editor

By Erin Hallissy


I walked around the campus on a January day after a fierce storm blew through, and I
heard water everywhere. Along the arcade, loud drips echoed from downspouts, people
splashed through small puddles on walkways and car tires whooshed as drivers pulled
into parking spaces. Wind gusts released momentary showers from the pines, and swirling waters raged beneath sewer grates.