Catholic News Service Interviews Steve Woolpert About High Court's Next Steps on Same-Sex Marriage

Boston Pilot's Echoes Opinion page logoThe Catholic News service interviewed Saint Mary's Political Science Professor and School of Liberal Arts Dean Steve Woolpert about the possible direction the U.S.

KCBS Taps Steve Woolpert for Insight on Gov. Brown's State Supreme Court Appointment

KCBS logoSchool of Liberal Arts Dean and Politics Professor Steve Woolpert spoke with KCBS News about Governor Jerry Brown's selection of Mariano-Florentino Cuellar, a Stanford Law Professor to the State Supreme Court.

KCBS Gets Insight from Steve Woolpert on Supreme Court's Review of Obamacare Birth Control Mandate

Steve Woolpert, Dean, School of Liberal ArtsKCBS News Radio interviewed Saint Mary's Political Science Professor, and Dean of the School of Liberal Arts, Steve Woolpert about the Supreme Court's review of the birth control mandate of the Affordable Care Act

CNBC, KPIX-TV Tap Steve Woolpert for Insight on Oregon's Mileage Tax and California's High Speed Rail

The NBC online news outlets, CNBC and MSNBC, carried an interview with Saint Mary's Steve Woolpert in a story about an Oregon state proposal to tax drivers according to the miles they drive. The dean of the School of Liberal Arts and a politics professor whose academic research includes environmental policy implementation, is quoted in the Matt Twomey story "Taxed by the mile instead of taxed at the pump."  Read the CNBC story.

San Francisco Chronicle Features OpEd on Government Shutdown Deal by SMC's Steve Woolpert

SFGate, the online portal for the San Francisco Chronicle, featured an OpEd by Politics Professor and Dean of the School of Liberal Arts Steve Woolpert on the political game of chicken that shutdown the government and led the nation to the brink of economic calamity. Read Woolpert's opinion piece "Since there is no pork in Congress, how about a game of chicken?"

KQED Features Perspective By SMC's Steve Woolpert

KQED Perspectives features the commentary "Tough on Underdogs" by SMC's Steve Woolpert on the trend in decisions by the Supreme Court of the United States to favor the rights of the top dog, rather the underdog, in cases before the court. Woolpert, whose academic research focuses on how U.S.

KCBS Discusses Supreme Court Gay Marriage Decision With SMC's Steve Woolpert

KCBS News Radio spoke with Saint Mary's Politics Professor Stephen Woolpert about the historic decision by the Supreme Court of the United States on gay marriage and its rulings on DOMA and Prop 8. Dean of SMC's School of Liberal Arts, Woolpert's research focuses on the U.S. Constitution and how decisions by the Supreme Court affect the nation. The news interview centered around the possibility of the supporters of Prop 8 finding a way to re-submit the case before the US Supreme Court.

KCBS & KGO Radio Interview Steve Woolpert About Supreme Court Review of Gay Marriage

Saint Mary's School of Liberal Arts Dean Steve Woolpert spoke with KCBS and KGO radio about the decision by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS)  to review gay marriage. Woolpert, a politics professor who studies constitutional law and how U.S. social policies are influenced by the nation's high court, commented on which way the Supreme Court may rule when it examines California's voter-approved ban on same-sex marriages, "Proposition 8," and a New York challenge to the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

KCBS News Interviews SMC's Steve Woolpert About Hurricane Sandy Delaying Election

KCBS News spoke with Saint Mary’s politics professor and dean of the School of the Liberal Arts Steve Woolpert about the possibility of 2012 presidential election being delayed as result of Hurricane Sandy. Nearly 50 people lost their lives in the so-called super storm and estimated 8 ½ million people were left without power. 

Listen to the KCBS interview with Steve Woolpert.


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