Summer 2006

Jan Term Reflections

Each Jan Term, hundreds of Saint Mary's students opt for service-learning opportunities, from the favellas of Brazil and guarderias of Mexico City to the backstreets of Harlem. This year, New Orleans' Ninth Ward was added in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.


Window (Closed)

perspective is glass
      on a world I neither
      occupy nor contain
this red of sky
won't last the hour
      wind finds
      in trees
flock of sudden sun bracelet of red breasted blackbirds
      as if something loosed in the sky stolent from landscape's
      narrow sleeve
I might clasp around my wrist
as it is unrelenting

The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa

A Startling Transformation

Story by Debra Holtz

Two innovative Lasallian schools in Chicago are transforming the lives of inner-city youth. Saint Mary's students and alumni who volunteered at the schools have found their own lives taking new directions as a result.

Rabble Rousers in the Academy

Two Saint Mary's professors merged a passion for Film Noir and a rapidly growing technology to expand the boundaries of academic research.

Deep Roots

Story by Erin Hallissy
Photographs by Allyson Wiley '02

WCC Tournament

A spirited contingent of Gael alumni, students, and other hoops supporters traveled to Spokane for the annual West Coast Conference basketball championships March 2-6.

Chapter Events Back East

D.C. Gaels Greet Brother President

50 Years of Rugby Fraternity Celebrated

Remember When?

From Gaels to Red Sox