Summer 2008

Students Examine Contemporary Central America

By John Grennan

Central America’s civil wars ended in the early 1990s, but Saint Mary’s students who traveled to Nicaragua and El Salvador during Jan Term found that psychological wounds linger and poverty still plagues the region.

Former Nominee Expects 2008 Election to Be Fiercely Partisan

By John Grennan
Photography by Gorbachev Lingad '10

Tales from the Battlefield

By Debra Holtz

On Visiting the DMZ at Panmunjom: A Haibun

By Robert Hass

Bringing Out the Best

By Erin Hallissy
Photography by Lane Hartwell

Rugby Coach Takes SMC to a New Level of Play

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An Oasis of Learning

By John Grennan
Photography by Tivadar Domaniczky

A Brothers' College Perseveres in Occupied Palestinian Territory

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The Paradox of a Just War

By Stephen Cortright

”We do not seek peace in order to wage war, but we go to war that we may secure peace. Be peaceful, therefore, in war-making, so that, by vanquishing them, you may lead those you are forcefully subduing back to the prosperity of peace.”
—St. Augustine

In the 1983 pastoral letter, The Challenge of Peace, the bishops of the United States open their discussion of just-war criteria by admonishing Christian readers:

Tales from the Battlefield: Edward Riffle '94

By Debra Holtz

Conflict is familiar turf to most attorneys, but being a U.S. Army Reserve lawyer in war-torn Iraq carries it own set of challenges. Edward Riffle ’94 spent the past year in Baghdad enabling the Iraqis to set up their own military, police forces and military courthouses — considered key steps to withdrawing U.S. forces from Iraq.

“Our mission of advising and transitioning control over to the Iraqis is particularly important as it allows us to ‘help them help themselves’,” Riffle says.

Tales from the Battlefield: James '99 & Tamara Sanborn '98

By Debra Holtz

On Jan. 3, 2006, Tamara (Miyashiro) Sanborn ’98 was six months pregnant when she saw her husband, Navy Lt. (junior grade) James Sanborn ’99, off in San Diego for a six-month deployment to the Persian Gulf. He boarded the USS Ronald Reagan the next day and called his wife to say goodbye, only to learn she was in the hospital.

“I naturally freak out as I know it is too early,” Sanborn recalls. “I spend the next hour running around the ship trying to get permission to get off.”

Tales from the Battlefield: Timothy Martin '04

By Debra Holtz

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At SMC’s memorial service for Sgt. Timothy Martin, biology professor Margaret Field called him “the son every mother wishes to have.” No one agreed more than his own mother, Lucy Martin. “I was so proud of him,” she says.