Summer 2008

Tales from the Battlefield: Mark DeLuna '87

By Debra Holtz

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Tales from the Battlefield: Amanda Labrum '07

By Debra Holtz

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What Amanda Labrum remembers best about Iraq are the children. She often saw them while patrolling with the Army National Guard’s 81st Brigade Combat Team.

Tales from the Battlefield: John Cole '80

By Debra Holtz

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Tales from the Battlefield: Steve Wackowski '05

By Debra Holtz

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Steve Wackowski signed an ROTC contract to join the military on Sept. 9, 2001. Two days later “the whole world changed,” he says.

Tales from the Battlefield: Victoria Hudson MFA '08

By Debra Holtz

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The post-9/11 fight against terrorism has taken Army Reserve officers to many places besides Iraq and Afghanistan. Victoria Hudson spent 1½ years working inside the United States to prevent future attacks on the country.

Tales from the Battlefield: Debra Muhl '85

By Debra Holtz

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When the gravely injured ABC News anchorman, Bob Woodruff, was rushed into the emergency room of the Balad Air Base in Iraq, Debra Muhl was one of the first medical personnel to reach him.

In Memoriam


  • Brother Timothy Ford, F.S.C.
  • Brother Felix Masson, F.S.C.


  • James C. Allen M ’99
  • Alan T. Atchison ’60
  • Janet B. Bailey EE ’84
  • Louis P. Baldini ’34
  • Timothy J. Canty Jr. ’62
  • Marshall Biron Collins ’67
  • Vic Cuccia ’49
  • Michael Dana ’57
  • Richard P. DeRosa M ’78
  • Walter Giusti ’81
  • Donald A. Glover EE ’94
  • James Curtis Haire ’50
  • Patrick J. Horan Jr. ’41
  • Howard William Hurley ’38
  • Angela Liotti ’84

Summer Wine Festival

Enjoy Fine Wine and Support SMC

A casual afternoon of wine tasting and a silent auction will be held on August 10 in the Soda Center.

The Summer Wine Festival, which is sure to sell out, is designed to bring together alumni, friends, family members and neighbors of the College for a beautiful day on campus while talking one-on-one with winemakers. Tickets purchased before July 31 are $35; those purchased in August will be $45. Tickets for designated drivers are $20.

Reunion Weekend

Nine classes will gather at Saint Mary’s for Reunion Weekend on July 18 to 20, 2008, to reconnect with old classmates, tour the campus, enjoy a barbecue, the reopening of the campus pub and a dinner dance.

Some 600 people from the classes of ’58, ’63, ’68, ’73, ’83, ’88, ’93, ’98 and ’03 will also have the opportunity to stay overnight in a dorm room for $25 per person.

A record turnout was on campus last year, and this year’s reunion weekend is shaping up to be a great success. Already, many people have submitted surveys sharing their memories of their College years.

Class of '59 Gives Back

By Erin Hallissy

It’s hard to match the class of ’59 when it comes to school spirit. A number of them were among the 22 students who stuffed themselves into a campus phone booth in March 1959, a feat which vaulted SMC onto the pages of Time and Life during a global phone-booth stuffing craze.

They also stuffed the Cow Palace to capacity that same month for the Gaels’ NCAA basketball “Elite 8” tournament game against eventual national champion Cal.