Summer 2011

Five Alumni Honored

A sold-out audience of alumni, family and friends was on hand Saturday, April 2, at the Lafayette Park Hotel to honor five exemplary Gaels at the annual Alumni awards Dinner.

De La Salle Award: Bill McLeod '64

"Angels Among Us" Captivates SMC Audiences

From the Editor

By Jo Shroyer

Can We Talk?

Moreover, can we disagree with each other without using words as weapons?

Letters to the Editor

Readers Offended by Language

Why would you waste a page of the magazine with an insipid poem like The Negatives on page 45? In addition, we were offended by the language! And please don't use "academic freedom" as an excuse! What happened to good judgment? Please remove us from the circulation list.
S. J. Kukawka, Vista, CA

Two Women Leaders Speak at Commencement

By Teresa Castle

As Saint Mary's capped its yearlong observance of the 40th anniversary of the entrance of women to the College, two high-profile women leaders addressed commencement ceremonies on May 21 and 22.

Faculty Books

Saint Mary's faculty enrich their teaching and contribute to the community of scholars through research and publishing activities.

Working Across the Aisle: Stories from the California State House

By Daniel Weintraub

The Great Divide

"You Lie!"

These words shouted at President Obama during a fall 2009 health care speech to Congress raised the hackles of legislators on both sides of the aisle and prompted a call for greater civility in our national political debate.

And for a while, it seemed like things were calming down.

Can We Talk?

For some time now our national discourse has grappled with the tone and intractability of sharply opposing worldviews. Pundits and legislators occupy hardened positions, lobbing insults and dire warnings across a razor-wired divide that seems too deep and treacherous to cross.

Some characterize this state of affairs as a culture war.