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Building Relationships

Aumni Relations has been developing events designed to foster relationships between alumni and the College, and working to bring SMC to alumni through an aggressive chapter development program.

Those efforts were boosted by the more than 2,200 alums who completed the alumni survey that was e-mailed in January. Check out the story in this issue, and learn more online at The survey will help shape SMC’s strategic plan.

Alumni Share Kudos, Concerns & Counsel

By Erin Hallissy


Nearly 97 percent of more than 2,200 alumni surveyed last year reported that their experience as a Saint Mary’s student was “very important to me,” and nearly 83 percent said the College “prepared me well for life.”

Winning Alums

The Alumni Association Board of Directors honored the following recipients of its annual awards at a dinner on Nov. 3:

In Memoriam


Brother John Johnson, FSC HON
Brother Christian Conners, FSC ’58


Bernita A. Allender ’81
Richard G. Barbosa P ’81
Edward S. Calvo ’78
William A. Colwell ’63
Bill Denahy ’50
Keith L. Kutner ’88
John J. Mamola ’40
Judge Lawrence S. Mana ’38
Michael J. McGuire ’80
John C. O’Neill ’81
Joseph F. Pruss, Jr. ’50
Gordon Rye ECR ’79
Donna M. Topping ECR ’91
Joey R. Wettach EE ’04
Patrick J. White EE ’99
Stephanie Wilson EE ’94

Alumni Volunteers Greet the Gaels of Tomorrow

For many prospective students, Saint Mary’s takes the form of a smile and a handshake before it materializes as a vibrant campus. That’s because — before ever setting foot in Moraga — they’ve met one of the more than 230 people who volunteer in the Alumni-Admissions Program (AAP).

“This has been a very successful effort,” says Associate Director of Admissions Gina Meneni ’99, who helped revive the program in 2003. “Students who have been contacted personally by a Saint Mary’s alumni representative are more likely to apply, be accepted and attend.”

Early Moraga Alum and Wife Honored with Endowed Scholarship

Bob McAndrews ’32 was in the first College class to go through all four years in Moraga, and recalls his “absolute thrill coming out of crowded downtown San Francisco to the beautiful, open Moraga campus, dominated then, as now, by the Chapel tower.”

Rhapsody in Bloom: Bhutan in the Spring

Story by Carla Bossard

Photo courtesy of Far Fung Places LLC

Mitchell Savors the Sporting Life

Story by Erin Hallissy
Photo by Andy Kuno



Wu in Select Company

Story by Erin Hallissy

Toward the Sesquicentennial

Story by Tom Bruce

During De La Salle Week a Gael plays with a potenital future Gael.

These are exciting times to be a Gael. Your College is embarking on an ambitious path to unifying all of our community — past, present and future — toward the high-water mark of the 150th anniversary of Saint Mary's College.