Contra Costa Times Features Op-Ed on 'Net Neutrality' by SEBA's Kris Chase

The Contra Costa Times carried a guest commentary about 'net neutrality' by Saint Mary's economics professor Kristine Chase. In her op-ed "Ask right question before deciding on net neutrality," Chase weighs in on the debate on whether Internet service providers can favor big corporations, over smaller companies and regular citizens in the distribution of data that's delivered over their systems.

SF Weekly Profiles Saint Mary's English Professor Matthew Zapruder

Matthew ZapruderIn its series The Write Stuff, SFWeekly features a profile of SMC English Professor Matthew Zapruder.

At 40 Year Mark Saint Mary's High Potential Program Shows Nation's Highest Retention Rates For First Generation Freshmen

For the past three years, the High Potential Program, an innovative academic initiative aimed at first generation college students at Saint Mary’s College has seen remarkable results in retention rates for freshman students. While the national retention rate for first generation freshman students is 78 percent, the average freshman-to-sophomore retention rate over the past three years for High Potential Program students is 95 percent.

KCBS Interviews Br. Charles Hilken About Vatican Survey on the Family

KCBS news radio spoke with Saint Mary's history professor. Br. Charles Hilken about a new Vatican questionnaire that seeks opinions from the world's one billion Catholics about the Church and social issues such as same-sex marriage, cohabitation by unwed couples, contraception and the place of divorced and remarried people in the church.