Winter 2009

Green-Thumbed Gaels Bringing Campus Garden to Life

By John Grennan
Photography by Gabrielle Diaz ’11 and Gorbachev Lingad ’10

Letters to the Editor

Making History

Dear Editors,

What a great issue (fall 2008). The Saint Mary’s magazine is not only a class act, it is informative and a wonderful way to keep in touch with the College. I especially enjoyed the phone booth story since I was one of the 22 who stuffed the booth in 1959.

From the Editor

A Thin Line

Bread shows up in many places in the Bible in reference to both famine and feast. It is the minimum needed for survival — God rains down manna from heaven for Israelites suffering famine in the desert. Jesus teaches his disciples the Lord's Prayer, which includes the petition for "our daily bread," which can be interpreted as referring to food or spiritual nourishment.

It Started at Saint Mary's

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we asked alumni who met their spouses at the College to send us their stories, and we were overwhelmed by the outpouring of love — and nostalgia.

Answered Prayers

Sam Hutkins '68

While attending the all-male Saint Mary's, I met my wife, Laura, at summer classes at Vallejo Junior College. She attended Cal Davis, and later Stanford.

Is the Honeymoon Over?

By Jennie Durant ’99 MFA ’06
Photography by David Tejada

Durant holds a hive smoker, used by beekeepers to calm bees down to harvest honey or examine hives.

In Ecclesiastes

By Marilyn Abildskov

No word, no thought, no knowledge,
no wisdom to com. So let me tell you
now what I love: the smell of coffee
from the other room. Fresh brown bread,
ripe pears, strong cheese. Wine in blue
glasses on a cold November afternoon.
Two logs in the fireplace, partly burned.
Small drawings of birds, the winter wren
arriving from the north in fall. Flannel sheets.
This sunroom. Rain falling through pines.
An ice storm this morning. Your voice,
clear then fading on the telephone.