Winter 2010

From the Editor

By Erin Hallissy

The Working Life

More than 100 years ago, Pope Leo XIII issued the encyclical Rerum Novarum, which addressed the exploitation of workers during the Industrial Revolution and the rise of socialism. Pope Leo opened by noting, "The elements of the conflict now raging are unmistakable, in the vast expansion of industrial pursuits and the marvelous discoveries of science; in the changed relations between masters and workmen; in the enormous fortunes of some few individuals, and the utter poverty of the masses … "

Visitor Center Welcomes Prospective Gaels

By Caitlin Graveson '11

Several enrollment offices received a makeover in 2009 which included a brand-new Visitor Center in Brother Jerome West Hall. Along with the Admissions Office and Visitor Center, the hall now houses the offices of financial aid, study abroad and alumni.