Winter 2011

In Memoriam

Lloyd Vernon Schine Jr. '71, MA '81 and
Lorina Ros Schine

Lloyd Vernon Schine Jr. & Lorna Ros Schine passed away following a car accident on Nov. 11, 2010, in Newberry Springs, Calif. Both were 59 years old.

Music to Our Ears

By Linda Peterson

How does a musician know he or she is a musician? Here’s one gauge: musicians make music. Music has always been an important part of Saint Mary’s — from the Jazz Band to the all community choir to visiting groups performing in the Chapel. But new partnerships with the Contra Costa Chamber Orchestra (CCCO) and the Diablo Wind Symphony (DWS) mean music-loving Gaels have assets any musician would welcome — more venues, more professional colleagues and more audiences.

The Artist's Life

It’s dark outside on winter mornings, as sophomore Harmony Negrin — dancer, harpist, yoga enthusiast, dance team member for the basketball team, problem solver at the library — knows firsthand. She’s up early to get to her 7:30 job in computer technology services at the Saint Mary’s library. With a name like Harmony it might seem inevitable that this young woman, the first in her family to go to college, would be a music lover. Sure enough, she’s played the harp since she was five and danced since she was 12. By 10:30, Harmony takes advantage of a free period to practice the harp.

The Craft of Mentorship

By Ben Peterson

What does it mean to own and embrace the life of a writer? Is there an aha! moment in which the possibilities of a writer’s life become clear? Or validation and guidance from a mentor? Mary Volmer experienced both.

Dorm Sweet Dorm

Grayson Hurd '11.

At Play in the Fields of the Mind

By Ben Peterson

Mary True, professor of psychology, says that when her children find milk in the cupboard or cereal in the refrigerator, they say, "Oh, Mom must be thinking big thoughts."

It’s because, she says, the most critical part of her creative process is "following an idea with 'light thinking,’ free of goals, worries and a 'to do’ list." And light thinking sometimes sends her into a different kind of consciousness, wandering around the house as she puzzles through her research findings.

Creativity Unbound: The Power of the Imaginative Spirit

Illustration by Olivia Wise

We all know how the creative process looks in movies. A painter attacks the canvas as music swells. A writer punches keys furiously, his novel pouring out of his fingers as time and space recede around him. A wild haired mad scientist shrieks to the heavens, "Life, do you hear me! Give my creation LIFE!"

Look Out Below

Twins Steve (left) and Mike Marolt are highaltitude skiers who claim more descents above 7,000 meters than any other skier.

Celebrating the History of SMC Alumnae

On Nov. 6, the SMC Women in Philanthropy Committee hosted "40 Years/One Night: A Gaela Celebration." The evening honored the achievements of women from the 1975 class (first to include female students) all the way through the most recent graduating class in 2009.

The Art of the Athlete

By Caitlin Graveson

Sports skills are often referred to as a "science" since excellence requires precise calibrations of motion in space. While this may be true, the comparison overlooks the creativity and finesse behind mastering skills.

The Art of … the Attack

Sophomore middle blocker Gabby Jolly had a breakout season for Gaels’ volleyball. She was named to the West Coast Conference First Team. She led the Gaels in hitting percentage with .327.