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  • Rabbinic Judaism and Christian Origins

    I am interested in the philology and idioms of the New Testament as they compare to rabbinic vocabulary and idioms of the early centuries of the Common Era.  I have a special interest in the way that Jesus of Nazareth might have been understood by his own community of Galilean Jews during his ministry.  I am keenly aware of the antagonism between the Galileans and the Judeans that may serve as the basis of the misunderstanding in the New Testament concerning Jews and the People of Israel. 

  • Hebrew Scriptures

    With a special interest in biblical Hebrew as it developed from Ancient Semitic languages, I am currently studying the development of the Jewish canon.  Specifically, I am investigating the relationship of the book of Deuteronomy and the Deuteronomic history to the rest of the Torah.

  • Jewish Historical Jesus

    I am currently writing a novel about two Galilean Jews searching for the healer and miracle worker known as the Master to his disciples and followers.  Always one step behind him, these characters are told of the teachings and works of Jesus of Nazareth (as related in the Gospel of Matthew).  Often someone else will compare these events with other teachings and events found in Jewish literature and history.  This comparative study of Christian Origins and early Rabbinic Judaism should be easier to read in the format of historical fiction.

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