We are aware that technical difficulties continue to hinder the application process for students, counselors, and teachers.  We want to assure you that students will not be penalized for technical difficulties.  If you submit your application for Regular Decision a few days late we will still give you full consideration for Regular Decision.  Please contact us if you anticipate that submission of your application will be delayed longer than 7 days.  Below are some tips to help you successfully submit your application. 

Submission date and time

The deadline for Saint Mary’s College is 11:59 pm PST on February 1, 2014.  However, the Common Application operates on Greenwich Mean time. This causes confusion for students who submit their application after 5pm PST because it appears that they have missed the deadline.  Rest assured that you have not missed the deadline and we will consider any applications submitted prior to 11:59 pm PST as submitted on time.

Submission of Writing Supplement

Saint Mary’s College requires the submission of the Writing Supplement along with the Common Application.  If you have submitted your Common Application and not your Writing Supplement we do not have your application.  We will not receive your application until you have submitted the Writing Supplement.   Please follow these steps to ensure you have submitted your Writing Supplement:

1)  Go to the dashboard of colleges and click on Saint Mary's College of California

2)  Check to make sure that there is a green check mark next to "Application" and "Writing Supplement"

3)  If there is not a green check mark next to "Writing Supplement" please click on that section

4)  Complete the Writing Supplement (two short essay questions) and submit this portion of the application.


Issues submitting or previewing application

Please make sure that you have the most updated browser on your computer.  The Common App supports most major browser but only the most up to date browsers. 


You must add a teacher recommendation in the Assign Recommenders section of the Common Application.  However, if your teacher will not be submitting your letter electronically you should not include their email address in this section.  The email address is not required in this section.

If you are a teacher or counselor attempting to submit documents for your student and are having issues, please fax or email the documents to our office.  The fax number is 925-376-7193.  You can email documents directly to Omar Zazueta, Sr. Associate Director of Admissions at ozazueta@stmarys-ca.edu

Registrar Report for Transfer Students

Transfer students run into issues sometimes because of the requirement to assign a Registrar for the Registrar Report.  While this is required right now in the Common App, this is not required by Saint Mary’s College, it is optional only.  To get around this issue, you can click in the “Assign Recommenders” and click on Registrar.  Here you will be prompted for a title, first name, and last name.  Please enter this information for you counselor, registrar, or advisor at your school.  However, DO NOT enter an email address.  Once you submit this you will be cleared to move forward with your application.  If you will be having a counselor or registrar submit a Registrar’s Report on your behalf you should enter an email address so they may submit the document electronically. 

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