Saint Mary's College web editors rejoice! The new web site is here and with it comes Salli, the behind the scenes tool that allows you to do so much more with your site.

What is Salli?

Salli (which is a play on the word "Lasallian") is the name of our new content management system, which will give you capabilities you've never had before.

What does Salli have to offer my site?

Create a customized background like the integral program.
Add a circular header to your site like athletics or academics
Add three images across header like Ethnic Studies or two images across like Leap.
Add Event, News, Story or News Release feeds to your site. You can pick and choose which to display and where.
Add standardized testimonials to your page like the English department did.
Create a collection of image galleries like Saint Mary's College Museum of Art
Create a video gallery like Admissions

Want to learn how to do more with Salli?

Visit the Salli Tutorials area and learn how to do all sorts of fabulous things.

Do you need Salli editing access?

To become a Salli editor submit a web help request ( and include your full name, your SMC email address and the area you would like to edit.



The Technology Behind Salli

Salli is built on the free, open source technology known as Drupal (here's a bit of historical background), which is a web-based, database-driven content management system.

The name Drupal, pronounced "droo-puhl," derives from the English pronunciation of the Dutch word "druppel," which means "drop."

It's also the content management system used by the official website of the White House. This is the first time in the history of Saint Mary's College that we've implemented a content management system with so much power and so many features, and it will radically and positively alter the way we manage our web presence.





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