Professor Michael Marchetti and his Jan Term class take a trek down Saint Mary's Road in search of mushrooms.

The sun was shining, but don't let that fool you! The grass crunched underfoot as we set off on the hunt.
First mushroom sighting of the day, and we weren't even off campus yet. Just behind the tennis courts, Professor Marchetti points out some oyster mushrooms.
Sometimes mushroom hunting involves complicated tools. But sometimes a good stick will do.
John Spalluzzi '15 shows off a rare find - a cluster of mushrooms growing out of a rotting pinecone.
The first step of field research is to document the mushroom in the wild. Here, John rests his camera on his official mushroom-hunting beanbag. Ok, it's not a typical tool of the trade, but Professor Marchetti issues them to students to improve their photography.
The second step is to collect the sample, cleaning it a bit before taking it back to the lab.
Third, the student takes notes about the area the mushroom was found. The trees in the area, what medium it was growing in, any other features nearby, etc.
Students work together independently to collect their samples.
Students and professor work side-by-side to collect samples.
Mushrooms weren't the only creatures uncovered by moving logs. Prof Marchetti also found an Ensatina salamnder (left) and a slender salamander (right). We're pretty sure they're the most photographed amphibians in all of Moraga.
Taking the trail back to campus after a productive day.
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