The WRC hosts monthly programs as part of our series 'Find Your Voice: Tell Your Story.' These programs include panels, speakers, spoken word, student performances, dance, music, art, self expression, and of course, food. Topics range from gender based violence to non traditional families, beauty norms, politics, and much more. Stop by the WRC to learn more! 

WRC Programs 2013-2014

How to be Revolutionary in the Workplace is inspired by the Women Are Getting Even training that students and staff went through in Jan-term 2013. It will provide a forum for students to discuss and learn about topics ranging from salary and position negotiation to effectively communicating within the workplace. This program will be student led and offered in collaboration with the Career Center.


Celebrating Latinas: Reflecting on Journeys will tie directly into the 2013-14 theme ‘Find Your Voice, Share Your Story’ and will take place in a circular  discussion to give current students and alums the opportunity to openly engage in dialogue and discussion, exchange most lessons, tidbits and tools for success as students transition to the work world.

Honoring the Voices of LGBTQIA Alums will provide a forum for members of PRIDE, the general SMC student body and alums who served as agents of change while exploring and/or embracing their role within the LGBTQIA community.

Rethinking Pink Breast Cancer Luncheon takes place to educate members of our community about the direct and indirect impact cancer, and breast cancer in particular, has on our community and the world at large. This year’s luncheon will focus specifically on the impact this epidemic has on women of color and explore what can be done to make all voices audible in the movement to fight breast cancer.

Catalina Torres Night to Remember is held each year during Domestic/Dating Violence Awareness Month to honor the life of Alum Catalina Torres, while examining the local and global impact of dating and domestic violence. After overcoming domestic violence, Catalina dedicated her life to helping others find the courage to seek resources and help so that they could live healthy, violence-free lives. In 2008 Catalina was tragically shot while protecting her cousin from an abusive partner. We gather each year to retell her story, to create space for others to share their stories and to walk in her memory.

Sister Act: Women of Faith Tell Their Stories will feature women in ministry or leadership roles within the church who will share their stories about what inspired their journey and how they have found their voices, advocated for marginalized populations and challenged oppression within religious institutions.

The World AIDS Day open-mic coffee house night has become an annual event for individuals directly and indirectly impacted by HIV or AIDS to come together to share their art, stories and research in hopes of spreading awareness, empathy and compassion.

LUNAFEST is a film-fest comprised of short films by made women for women. It is meant to spread awareness about a wide range of experiences of women from around the world.

V-Day: Until the Violence Ends is the culmination of an intensive one-month experience, in which a group of women learn about the stories of women around the world through the monologues that Eve Ensler has written. Through the preparation process, students learn to draw modern day parallels about issues (such as violence against women, empowerment and identity) raised in the play.

During Love Your Body Week, women and men are asked to rethink the mainstream messaging they’ve been bombarded with about body image and beauty and learn to love the bodies that they have. Throughout the week programs on topics ranging from masculinity and body images to mirror-less day will take place.

Tribute to Women of African Descent is a panel and mixer intended to connect the students of BSU and the Black Student Achievement Program with Alums who have journeyed into the work place and have found subtle but important ways to systemically challenge such issues as racism and sexism while also striving to maintain a sense of work/life balance.

The Wo/men’s Conference is the result of in-depth collaborations across campus. The theme for the 2014 conference is Si Se Puede: Yes We Can and the focus will be on thinking globally and acting locally.

In Our Shoes: Changing the World With Our Stories is a time for people to share a piece of their own narrative as they talk about ‘a-ha’ moments when they learned to become allies, to reach out for support or to embrace themselves. This interactive workshop focuses on digital storytelling.  

Celebrating API Women is a luncheon to honor women who are part of the API community who have used their voices to advocate for others. Current students will have an opportunity to network and connect with alums during this event.

Denim Day is the result of the 1992 case, in which an 18-year-old in Italy was picked up by her driving instructor to begin a driving lesson. Soon after she was raped on the side of the road by the instructor. She pressed charges and won her case. The instructor appealed, and the case went to the Italian High Court. In 1999 the court overturned the conviction with a member of the HighCourt declaring that since the victim wore very tight jeans, the instructor could not haveremoved them himself, therefore the victim must have willingly participated. 

In April 1999 the state of California established the first Denim Day in the U.S. At SMC, we partner with Community Violence Solutions to put on a visual display either in Oliver Hall or in the Quad (depending on weather).

Take Back The Night is an evening of speaking out against sexual assault and domestic violence. Students, staff, and community members will play music, dance, read poetry, share stories, perform monologues, and honor sexual assault survivors and victims. A march around the campus and a candle light vigil will follow the performances.

Coffee and Conversation: Rape Culture is a student-facilitated program that empowers students to critically discuss mainstream culture and identify ways that students can be allies to one another and to society members-at-large in considering how to reduce the number of bystanders and victims of sexual assault.

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