If you are passionate about a topic relating to this year's theme of challenging racism and sexism, if you are connected with an organization that is doing a related project or if you are working for research either for a class or for community activism, please fill out the application to participate in our poster session and info fair. We will accept poster session applications until March 1, 2014.


This year in addition to our fabulous keynote speakers and workshops, we are offering an interactive poster session and engagement fair. 

What is a poster session? A poster session blends creativiy and research! The poster provides the audience with a visualization of your message about a topic related to racism, sexism, and social justice. It features dozens of individuals who combine text and graphics into a poster to advertise research and information about a topic. A poster session allows viewers to study the information, engage in dialouge with the presenters, and discover new knowledge. 

How can I participate? Simply submit a porposal with your session to Sharon Sobotta. Address the following topics:

Include your plan for addressing the following questions in your proposal. 

1. What is the topic or issue you would like to address? Be creative and specific. (For example: Sex Trafficking in Contra Costa County: How women and men are impacted by racial profiling, How education inteervention helps struggling communities)

2. Why does it matter? How many people are directly and indirectly affected by this?

3. Who is most impacted by this issue or topic?

4. What can people do to address the issue or be allies to the affected communities? 

5. How can others get involved? (Address practical things that people can do to help with the respective issue. For example: sign a petition, join a club, make consious choices, etc.)

Submit your poster session proposal to Sharon Sobotta at ssobotta@stmarys-ca.edu, or Maggie Powers at mmp8@stmarys-ca.edu

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