Hello,My name is William Calderon. I'm an alum of the class of 2012 and I am a Male Ally. This means that I am using my privilege as a man to be heard by other men in order to reach great masses about violence, in particular: dating violence, sexual assault, and the de-construction of gender roles.  

 While working for the Women’s Resource Center, I had the opportunity to be able to aid in numerous projects geared towards the end of gender based violence.One notable program that I was able to put together, with the help of others and Community Violence Solutions(CVS), was the Male Ally Program which was formulated to gather men together in order to learn the ways in which gender based biolence affects men negatively.

The Women’s Resource Center is always looking for men willing to help out because the WRC recognizes that in order to create a change so that the world may be a more harmonious place for men and women, it is necessary to provide both women and men with a safe place to talk, debrief, learn, and grow as they navigate issues related to relationships, balance, oppression, privilege, and mutual respect.

For the most part, all of the programs that the WRC offers are open to women and men. The Body Positive and Self Defense are welcoming to women only because of the nature of the topics being discussed.

I look forward to seeing you come in to the Women’s Resource center to say hi or wanting to help. Because in just thinking that the world is not fair for all genders means that you are seeking an answer, come find out why and what you can do to change this, or anything else.



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