2 Cityscapes

2012 National Finalist

2 Cityscapes

North East

hooded figures walk through violent lyrics
south Bronx burning billows of memories
tossed into the air black swarm of insects rising
fleeing swaths of pavement ripping and
force crumbling houses to fall to their knees
living harshly looking downtown through
cell bars and opaque lens ignorance clashes with
the pain of poverty trapped in a swirl of never ending
misfortune worm in the big apple
the forgotten class lives unrecognized
in the scalding heat of the melting pot.

the 13th

le corbusier ideals exemplified
in towers of white towers
in a park vertical organisms single
cells living anonymously in cracked
concrete looking deep into the
socioeconomic fissure the blackness
I find light putting color into
gray and white memories retrograde
experience re-touched upon
and reflected realizing everything
that I had previously missed.


Stefan Jones, age 13
Seattle, Washington
Lakeside Middle School
Teacher: Susie Mortensen

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