2005 Alumni Award Winners

The Saint Mary's College of California Alumni Association and its board of directors honor several members of the College community each year for their service and contributions.

The results of the 2005 selections were announced last spring. Cal Scilacci '50, who has served on the Millennium Scholarship committee, Think Tank committee, and Gael Hall of Fame committee, was named Alumnus of the Year. Devoted volunteer Mary Don lon - whose husband Shane '64 as well as three of their four children graduated from Saint Mary's-was named Honorary Alumna.

Larry Appel '64 and Bob Gardner (adjunct professor in Collegiate Seminar and Liberal and Civic Studies) were co-winners of the Signum Fidei Award, given for outstanding participation in the goals of higher education in the spirit of Saint John Baptist de La Salle.

Penny Washbourn 'M89, professor of management, was named the winner of the Saint John Baptist de La Salle Award, which is given to a person who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to students and for professional excellence in an academic field.

Gerald Murphy '72 and Gary Murphy '74 were awarded with the Certificate of Merit, which recognizes the value of alumni contributions in promoting the best interests of the College.

Brian Driscoll '95 and Jeanette Ercila '00 were the recipients of the G.O.L.D. (Gaels of the Last Decade) Award, in recognition of their ongoing support of current students and recent alumni.

The winners of this year's alumni awards will be honored on November 5, at a celebration dinner on campus. For more information, contact the alumni office at (925) 631-4200 or alumni@stmarys-ca.edu.