2009 - 2010 Tournament Schedule & Results

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September 2009

Golden Gate Season Opener, SFSU (debate & IE)

  • Elizabeth Patterson & Ana Diaz: Quarterfinalists, open parli
  • Elizabeth Patterson: 2nd place, open Communication Analysis
  • Chelsea O'Sullivan: 4th place, open Persuasive Speaking
  • Ana Diaz: 4th place, open Communication Analysis
  • Chelsea O'Sullivan: 6th place, open Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Xiang Zhang: 5th place, novice Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Xiang Zhang: 5th place, novice Impromptu Speaking

October 2009

Santa Rosa Invitational, SRJC (debate & IE)

Saint Mary's College, 2nd place sweepstakes award
Elizabeth Patterson, Jack Pirella Top Speaker award

  • Elizabeth Patterson & Ana Diaz, quarterfinalists open debate
  • Elizabeth Patterson, 6th place open debate speaker
  • Ana Diaz, 9th place open debate speaker
  • Elizabeth Patterson, 1st place open Communication Analysis
  • Elizabeth Patterson, 1st place open Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Elizabeth Patterson, 3rd place open Impromptu Speaking
  • Ana Diaz, 2nd place open Communication Analysis
  • Ana Diaz, finalist, open Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Chelsea O'Sullivan, finalist open Persuasive Speaking
  • Chelsea O'Sullivan, finalist open Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Xiang Zhang, finalist novice Extemporaneous Speaking

Al Johnson Invitational, Colorado College (debate only)

  • Elizabeth Patterson & Ana Diaz, open debate ocatfinalists
  • Andrew Diaz & Xiang Zhang, novice debate semifinalists

November 2009

Paul Winters Invitational, UoP (debate & IE)

  • Andrew Diaz & Xiang Zhang, 2nd place novice parli
  • Elizabeth Patterson & Ana Diaz, double-octofinalists, open parli
  • Andrew Diaz, semi-finalist, novice impromptu

January 2010

Washbeach Swing, CSU Long Beach (debate only)

  • Ana Diaz, 16th debate speaker (out of 106, first half)

Scheller Invitational, Pacific U (debate & IE)

  • George Emmons, 6th place junior extemp
  • Ana Diaz, semi-finalist open extemp

February 2010

Western States, U of Puget Sound (debate & IE)

  • Chelsea O'Sullivan & George Emmons, 2nd place junior debate (out of 26)
  • Elizabeth Patterson & Ana Diaz, octofinalist open debate (out of 22)
  • Chelsea O'Sullivan, 10th place junior debate speaker (out of 52)
  • Chelsea O'Sullivan, 1st place junior Persuasive speaking
  • George Emmons, 1st place junior Extemporaneous speaking
  • Elizabeth Patterson, 3rd place open Extemporaneous speaking
  • Chelsea O'Sullivan, 3rd place junior Extemporaneous speaking
  • Ana Diaz, finalist open extemporaneous speaking

Mark O. Hatfield Debates, Willamette U (debate only/senior team only)

March 2010

NPDA Championships, Texas Tech U (debate only/2 teams)

  • Elizabeth Patterson, 2010 All American Award



September 2009

Open Team Try-Outs!
Time: 5:30 PM-6:30 PM

SMC's Macken Collegiate Forensics Team is holding open team try-outs! We are looking for a few new team members who like to speak, who would like to compete, and who have the potential to do well.

The info is:
TIME: 5:30 PM

To try out, you'll choose ONE of the following three questions and respond to it for 2-3 minutes:

(1) If you were president and could change anything in the world, what would it be and why?
(2) What's the most important social issue facing Americans today and why?
(3) What's the most valuable kind of technology created recently, and why does it matter?

(You can use notes while you speak--no other aids.)

Come by, try out, find out about team membership, and meet current team members--see you there!

August 2009

Pre-Season Debate Workshop
Time: 10:00 AM-5:00 PM

2-day pre-season debate workshop for 2009-2010 Macken Collegiate Forensics scholarship recipients.