46th Annual Western Psychology Conference for Undergraduate Research (WPCUR)

Left to right-Diana Zhu, Kayla J. Jimenez, Giselle M. Avina, Mitchell S. JensenOn Saturday, April 16, the Department of Psychology hosted the 46th Annual Western Psychology Conference for Undergraduate Research (WPCUR). It was a high-energy event, with an exceptional level of student presentations. This year’s speaker was Professor Yekaterina Bezrukova, Santa Clara University, who spoke on Faultlines, Team Chemistry, and Conflict. Professor Bezrukova uses mathematical modeling to assess faultlines arising in groups and their affect on group performance and conflict escalation. She has consulted with Fortune 500 companies and professional sports teams, and her work has extended to the process of conflict escalation in ethnopolitical situations and peacekeeping.

This year’s award for Best Presentation was shared by Mitchell S. Jensen, Sonoma State University, for Alpha Power Differences in Adolescents with Autism and Kayla J. Jimenez, Diana Zhu, Giselle M. Avina, & Paul Zarnoth, Saint Mary’s College of California, for The Impact of Confidence, Accuracy, and Intuitive-Analytic Cognitive Styles on Interpersonal Influence. Many of the past award recipients and participants have gone on to pursue doctoral degrees in psychology and professional degrees. Next Fall, Jimenez will begin her doctoral studies in Psychology.

The Department would like to thank and express its deep appreciation to Dean Roy Wensley for his generous support of this year’s conference and those past, Ms. Linda Busbee for her excellent administrative support, and freshmen Mia Maramba and Melissa Sousa, sophomore Cara Calo, and junior Nicole Kinkle for their exemplary administrative performance on the day of the conference.