Message from VP for Finance & Administration Susan Collins

Saint Mary’s is unwavering in its commitment to maintaining a strong financial foundation. As a result of a vigilant focus on the management of the College's resources, we continue to have positive financial information to share.

Susan Collins

Saint Mary’s total net assets (similar to retained earnings for corporations) increased by 2.2 percent to $255 million for the fiscal year ended 6/30/19. These results were driven by strong operations as well as donor contributions for capital projects and endowment.

Saint Mary’s devotes the majority of its resources to providing a holistic education for its students. 38 percent of our budget is spent on direct instruction, with another 27 percent  allocated for direct academic and student services. (See graphs below.)

These resources enable students to learn and explore in small classes, and to receive appropriate support outside the classroom. Additionally, these resources provide entertaining and fulfilling extracurricular events and activities such as helping to support opportunities for students to live our Lasallian mission by working with social justice and service programs in our surrounding communities.

Ensuring Saint Mary’s financial sustainability is fundamental to the College’s pursuit of its academic and faith mission, and we expect Saint Mary’s to thrive in the coming years, continuing to provide a distinctive academic experience for our students.


Susan Collins
Vice President for Finance and Administration