Global Family Service Corps participants will have the opportunity to engage in direct service with some amazing organizations that are working towards achieving the country's development goals.  

Saint Mary's College of California is teaming up with VIA International and SHARE Guatemala in order to participate in thoughtful and sustainable development projects. Participants will have hands on experience in working with and for these organizations on service projects especially designed for our group.


In 2014, Via International is focusing on school restoration as an integral part of SHARE's community development platform within the indigenous rural Mayan communities.  VIA is currently working in the Tecpán region with restoration projects consisting of painting, light concrete work, and/or misc improvement at the local school.  Schools are selected specifically for the size of our group, needs of the community, and highly depend on what's happening on the ground at the time of our program. 
One thing to understand, is that our service is coupled with 365 days-a-year support from SHARE.  SHARE provides micro-credit loans to farmers and small co-ops as well as giving each student education packets helping to keep kids in school instead of being pulled into farming duties.
Please note that we will be able to accommodate for a variety of physical fitness and ability levels.