A Bird’s Eye View

2012 Anacostia Watershed Prize  (awarded to a Washington, DC-area student)

A Bird’s Eye View

A field of green grass
Now a metropolis
Soon to be washed away
Along with the stars in the sky
By the tornado of black smoke
Nonchalantly hovering above
As we feast upon dying species
And blame sharks for it all
The taxes we pay
Going into nuclear plants
Instead of schools

But the few who will not settle
For the mediocre planet
Exceed limits to build this world
Those who brought down Mubarak
Those who declare war on Wall Street
Those who fight for the freedom of ALL races
Those who bring armies down with words
Those who clean off the stains of red
Coloring our seas
Those who take the great hourglass of time
And flip it over

To give this world a second chance


Julian Dixon, age 11
Washington DC

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